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Thread: My miniture chihuahua changed personality in a short time

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    Hello to everyone out there that left some advice and comments,my dog has settled over the last few days and is nearlly back to normal and we still cant figure out a good reason for his change but my wife had her hair done that morning and as some people have said this might have caused his reaction to her but its not the first time he has seen her after she has done that so very strange she said its like he had lost his sense of smell as he would sniff her and then growl and bark at her as if he couldnt sence it was her is there something that will cause this as he was checked by the vet and they said he had no illness or obvious pain that they could tell and again thankyou to all for your help and advise

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    Quote Originally Posted by bernie View Post
    I would check out the coming back smelling/looking/sounding/tasting different too.
    My husband got bailed up in our garden by his own rottie! He had put a baseball cap on and suddenly become someone else to our dog. Rather scary for hubby.
    Not just dogs. When one of my children was a baby I got my hair cut short and they wouldn't recognise me for a few days, awkward.

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    LOL! I can relate to that! I had my long straight hair affro permed (OK, it WAS the 70s), walked into the house and my 4 month old son screamed in terror!!

    Totally off topic, sorry rguerin

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    Thankyou all for your advise

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    ' rguerin',

    Pleased to hear that everything is almost back to normal with your pup !

    Did have a good chuckle with what '
    farrview', ' grevillea47' and ' bernie' said !

    As ' Mosh' said before, this breed of dog can be a bit 'special' !

    It would be useful to keep diary notes regarding this incident and any other things that crop up with the pup in the future. I have done this with all my pups over the years and it allows you to give more useful information to your vet particularly if you have any concerns or at their yearly check up.

    Hope things continue to improve !

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    Maybe the hairdresser used a different product this time - or the wife got a different style or colour - not just a tidy up and trim.

    I'd put it down to the haircut - given that's what changed between when she went out and when she came back, but if the wife is sure that's the same as usual, then I recommend she get a complete health check for herself with her doctor.

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    brooza pic.jpg Thanks for all help everyone I hope he never comes down with this again it was heartbreaking

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