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Thread: Sharpei fever?

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    Unhappy Sharpei fever?

    Hubby and i own a 4 year old sharpei.

    Since we got him at 13 weeks old he has always had somewhat rolly hocks and we never thought anything of it, only recently, nearly 2 weeks ago (please no abuse) we took him to the vet for an ear infection and found out his hocks should in fact not look like this..

    Anyway..he has since been on treatment for the ear infection and also the hocks and they have gone down to this..

    The vet mentioned the swollen hocks can be a sign of sharpei fever which can lead to kidney/liver failure? i have to take him back next weekend when he has finished his course of meds. I was wondering how common this is and if there are any typical symptoms? also what tests can be done to see if he does have this or would the fact his hocks have gone down with the medicine mean he doesn't have it?

    We are worried sick so any info would be great, thanks

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    I'm no Pei expert but yes it's common in the breed. Can it lead to problems with his organs, I'm no vet but I believe so. Best to ask the vet.

    Are there any symptoms, high temperature naturally and a reluctance to exercise during an episode are the only ones I'm aware of, probably are more though.

    There is a wonderful lady that does Shar-pei Rescue down Victoria way. If you do a google search you may be able to find her, send her an email and if she's got any spare time you may get an answer from someone who specialises in the breed.

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