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Thread: puppy heart murmur and tiny ear lumps

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    Default puppy heart murmur and tiny ear lumps

    Yesterday I took my puppy to the vet and he said my pup has a heart murmur

    I love my pup to bits even if I only had him a week but im worried about him , the vet said it should go away as he ages as it might have been their when he was born or even its their cause he’s still growing

    I was wondering has anyone had a pup with it? And what should I be careful about.

    edit: i was just playing with his ear as he naps and found a small tiny lump in both ,his ears fold at the tips could these just be cause of that or should i worry? the lumps are tiny and i can't see them only feel them
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    Heart murmurs are fairly common in human babies too and they usually grow out of it, so I'd say your vet knows what he's talking about.

    And if the lumps are in both ears, it seems logical that it's just part of his ear structure? It is extremely unlikely to be anything that presents an immediate danger, so just get the vet to check that when you take him for his booster shots.

    Relax and enjoy your pup! They are tougher than they look and it's only when they start getting diarrhea or stop eating that you should start worrying.

    What breed is he? How old? I demand puppy pics!

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    thanks im new to owning a puppy

    hes a shetland sheep dog ,11 weeks old
    ~ehhh removed the image it looked bad~
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    I had a foxhound pup with a heart murmur, it wasn't anything huge but it's good to know what you're in for. The vet did say she could grow out of it but if she didn't just not to do hard exercise with her.
    What's the breed?

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    i did make a post with his breed and age and a photo but it hasn't showen up

    hes a shetland sheep dog

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    My Dog has a heart murmur (since a little pup) and my Vet said give him Fish Oil and CoQ10
    until he is fully grown. He is 18 months now.

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    call your breeder now and discuss the issue. They should always be your first port of call. Some smaller breeds grow out of it, some vets make a mistake that what they hear is a supposed murmur when in fact its not.

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    Heart murmurs are usually graded, if your vet thinks he will grow out of it, it's likely not bad.

    However you still need to advise your breeder as it's unusual that their vet didn't pick up on it during it's vax/microchipping vet visit.

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