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Thread: Itchy skin - constant scratching.

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    Default Itchy skin - constant scratching.

    Hi all , looking for some help with Shelby
    I’m so frustrated, I seem to be buying all these creams, lotions and potions, oils etc etc for
    shelby so any advice on the below small or big would be great

    She is now 5 nearly 6 months and has a god awful itch.
    Her itching has caused what the vet thought was a “hot spot” which was cleared up within a week or so.
    But the itching continues.

    I have flea’d and ticked, wormed her of course. (advantix) cannot remember the worming name.
    I have put her onto fish oils to help her skin in case she has dry skin. - (we saw a little dandruff)
    I have switched to emu oil bath wash.
    I have changed bedding in case its her bed (its that heshan dog bed thing like a big potato sack. she loved it)
    I have removed ALL treats from her diet she is ONLY on Eeukanuba now.
    I do inspect her skin often, and cannot see any red marks, fleas, ticks, infections, aggravations etc.

    Besides going to the vet, and getting allergy testing carried out is there anything that i am missing here?

    Anyone have a light bulb moment?

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    I have a cat who scratches herself till she bleeds at the moment, so I can sympathise!

    The only things I can think of that you could try are:
    Give him Comfortis or Panoramis instead for fleas. Most of the spot on treatments just aren't 100% effective anymore. And if it is caused by flea allergy, one bite can be enough to set it off.
    Switch him to an all raw diet. Preferably start with chicken and roo. Beef is a fairly common food allergen apparently.

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    Maybe switch her food over to a Holistic food instead of the Eukanuba. It could be the grains in that making her itch?

    There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.

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    If your dog is known to have hot spots, then you have a sensitive to flea dog. Ive had a rottie that was devoured by fleas in QLD, and changed from happy dog, to bald, cranky, you couldnt even stroke him without paroxisms of itching starting up.

    Change the diet! Go to raw, avoid beef as previously suggested this can trigger allergies too. Swimming daily if poss. Lime on your soil/ground to keep flea populations down. And since this event, i stopped using the on back of neck treatments, and have gone back to cheap as chips flea collars, as they seemed to be more effective.
    Capstan tablets for when we had been in long grassed full of flea areas.

    Vets can prescribe steroidal treatments. Which soothe the dog instantly. But weaken the immune system over time. So a trip to vet is called for id say. Maybe steroids is the go, as you are at beginning of flea season now.

    If you have grass, dirt in your yard, consider concrete, paving, and other sealed as opposed to flea ridden dirt.
    Its horrid for dogs to suffer with fleas.
    best wishes

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    I understand your frustration with poor itchy Shelby. My Misha is the same and through trial and elimination I now realise that her dry skin which is super sensitive is the culprit. She starts madly scratching and biting her skin within 6 hours of having a bath, and it goes on for about a week.

    I have tried many anti-itch & sensitive skin shampoos but she has the same reaction to them all. Her reaction to the oatmeal & aloe vera combo was so severe the vet had to give her an injection
    To avoid stripping the natural oils in her skin I have reduced her baths to once every couple of months, and I brush her at least 3 times a week to stimulate the skin. She is much more comfortable now, just an occasional scratch .

    She is now fed nothing but BARF (chicken recipe), sardines a few times a week and chicken necks, chicken wings and lamb flaps.
    The vet recommended fish oil daily but I couldn't find one that smelt fishy. The fish oil for humans has an odour that my dog finds repulsive, LOL! I have settled for Vets All Natural Omega Blend but so far it hasn't made any difference to Misha's skin.
    Which fish oil are you using for Shelby?
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    My dog is allergic to the grass - especially when it flowers. And she loves sunbaking out on the lawn, and doing commando crawls at the park. ARRGGHHH.

    Completely rubbed her belly raw when she stayed at the RSPCA kennels - as if she'd chew her itchy bits when they were looking. They didn't notice.

    So the way I dealt with it in the end was to get a fairly big tarp - big enough for her to do a commando crawl on, and a big beach towel and put that out on the lawn - have to peg it down somedays - and she sunbakes on that. Much less rash.

    And when she was getting better I used a tonne of different potions - neotopic, dermaveen, aloe vera - straight from the leaf, etc. Dermaveen seemed to work best - after the neotopic. The aloe vera might have worked but I kept running out of it.

    And like the others said - it could be diet related. But if it gets worse in spring - it's more likely some sort of allergy.

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    I agree with giving her a tablet for fleas. I use panoramis.. fleas, worms and heartworm in the one monthly chewable tablet and my girls love them! (So much better than shoving them down their throat!)

    Molly also used to have really bad skin, itchy, dandruff and all sorts. Fish oil made a little difference but not much. I started feeding her the vets all natural muesli mix for sensitive skin mixed in with kangaroo and chicken mince (not beef as mentioned earlier)... Works a treat!

    Also Black Hawk dry dog food is great! No preservatives, artificial colours, flavors etc and is cheaper than most dog foods ($85 for 20kg) plus it contains emu oil only problem is that not many people stock it (well here anyway) so I have to buy it online
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    I uswed to have a dog with allergies who was always scratching - we never had her allergy tested.

    Anyway, I kept the itching to a minimal by bathing her with oatmeal shampoo and pinetarsal every second day.

    Basically, the bath would be coolish (warm...or I guess more tepid). I wuld smother her in oatmeal shampoo then leave her standing in the shower for 15 minutes with the shampoo all lathered all over her. Then I would rinse, put pinetarsal on her and leave that for another 5 minutes. I did this every second or third day, and eventually down to once a week.

    Seemed to work for her.

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    Hi' ShelbyTeaCup' - itchy skin is not only a nightmare to treat for you but also hard on your pup.

    I don't use flea or tick treatments - never have - and nothing has happened to change my mind. So really can't help you there.

    I've seen a lot of good reviews regarding 'comfortis' being used for both flea and tick prevention - but not the same sort of comments for the 'spot on ones'.

    So a few places to look at:

    Anyone in rescue would have seen it all as far as different and difficult skin conditions to sort out on the rescues -

    This one shows the usual pet products and reviews : Pet Products Reviews for Australians

    and this one has information on a 'sort of new product' (?) - 160 Uses of Coconut Oil - bron evans�kinesiology

    Maybe these will give you a few more ideas !

    Good Luck !

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