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    Hey guys,

    Just a question about offal, I buy bulk meat and got a hell of a lot of offal tongue, kidney, liver, heart from premium yearly cattle. I've heard not to feed them offal every day would every second day be ok mixed with dries etc? I've also read some people say you should freeze it for seven days or cook it.

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    Hi ' Matty_qld',

    Check out this site:

    What Meat Should I Feed?

    Tongue and heart are also classed as muscle meat and so not as nutrient rich as say liver and kidneys.

    Why not cook/microwave/dry some of the liver and cut up small for training treats ?

    Freezing is OK - but cooking - depending on which method you use - you may lose all the nutritional value.

    Raw is always better for feeding pups.

    Hope this is of some help !
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    I don't use Tongue and heart in my offal %....I just use it as general meat. And I also microwave my livers for treat. !2 minutes for an average lambs fry. I do them in a casserole dish with lid and cut it up in cubes. Mu dogs love the treats

    The above link is great
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    Newfsie, is that 2 minutes or 12 minutes?

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    Freezing is OK - but cooking - you lose all the nutrients.
    This is a little silly - or we could freeze our steak - then eat it and it would give us no iron, calcuim or calories - all these are nutrients. Some vitamins are enhanced (made digestable) by cooking - and some are destroyed by it. It's not all or nothing.

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