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    Hi Guys,

    so a few months ago we found Brooklyn had chunks of hair missing on his back and under his tail where he had chewed the hair off and it was red raw, he was constantly itching and chewing himself, we took him to the vet and after a few tests he told us it was a flea allergy and what we thought was him suddenly getting a little chubby was actually him swollen as a reaction to the fleas, he was given anti-histamine injections and anti-biotics which calmed the swelling and itching down. we have been managing it pretty well during winter (not many fleas) and we do the monthly flea treatments and fairly regular baths for them, but i was just wondering whether anyone else has a dog (or cat) who is allergic to fleas and how they manage it, or if anyone has any tips and tricks to keeping the fleas away from your dogs both indoors and outdoors, especially now that it is getting to the warmer weather where they thrive.

    Thanks in advance

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    Poor Brooklyn

    Meika doesn't have flea allergies but she is allergic to plenty of plants, grasses etc so I know how frustrating it is. I just got home from work to find the whole inside of her ear bleeding from her scratching it all day due to allergies which weren't obvious when I left this morning, so a rushed trip to the vet and $170 later we're back to the daily cortisone and ear drops!

    In regards to keeping the fleas away, do you use a spot-on or a tablet? I used to have a lot of trouble keeping them away with a spot-on but as soon as I switched to giving them a tablet (about 8 months ago for Meika and since we got Molly in April) I haven't seen a single flea. We use panoramis which is great because it treats fleas, worms and heartworms in the one monthly tablet (works out a lot cheaper too!)

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    Agree on the tablets. I only hope fleas will not develop a resistance to it eventually too...

    I had to take our cat to the vet because she had scratched so much that she had a big and open wound under her ear. I had actually treated her with spot on and was rather embarrassed when the vet managed to find a flea on her. The vet told me to give up on the spot ons and use Comfortis - even though they have not been approved for cats in Oz.

    Our house is bad for fleas because we have an area under the house which offers the perfect breeding environment. Haven't found a solution and I cannot lock the little door that closes off the access to that area and Banjo always manages to get it open.

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    we use tablets, we were using sentinal spectrum (excuse the poor spelling), but it obviosly wasn't working for him. When we first found out we went nuts on getting rid of the things and making sure we did not have any, we had to bath him for 2 and a half hours, because we didn't realise how dirty he had gotten , we gave him comfortis, flea bombed the whole house every 3rd day for 2 weeks, and sprayed the whole yard and under the house with malaban wash concentrate, and we didn't have any fleas for a little while. But it's a very long process to go through and we have quite a large yard (you could fit another house on it) so spraying the yard and concrete under house area with malaban wash (or even using lime on the grass) is quite costly and expensive, the flea bombs aren't cheap either. I suppose i wish there was a cheaper way to go about keeping them at bay, especially for outdoors. I have heard that there are some essential oils that you can put on the collar of the dog and the fleas hate the smell - cedarwood oil, tea tree oil and i can't remember what the other one is, i have a few friends who swear by it, but with brooklyn being so sensitive to so many things i am not sure if it is worth testing.

    KM - i feel your pain, Brooklyn also has a grain allergy, so until we put him on a RAW diet he was reacting to every food we bought him so it was a lot of vet trips. I feel sorry for the poor bugger it mustn't be fun being so itchy. I will have to give panoramis a go.

    Beloz - we have the same situation, we have an area under the house which is dark and warm for them to breed, and we have a door we can close, but Brooklyn is a master at opening doors so he will always work out how to get in if he really wants to.

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    Something else that is worth a try is apple cider vinegar it worked for me. I have a two year old staff that is allergic to fleas amongst many other things. I eliminated a lot to his problems by switching his diet to raw and putting him on a daily antihistamine. But his constant itching was driving him crazy, steroids did not stop the itching. I read about apple cider vinegar in a breeders forum it is supposed to balance the dogs PH level, I tried it and it settled him down with in a few days.

    A teaspoon a day in his water or food.

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