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Thread: Has anyone used Vetmec allwormer? Have a new rescue..need advice :)

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    Default Has anyone used Vetmec allwormer? Have a new rescue..need advice :)

    Hi all,

    I am new to this forum. I have a new family member, we rescued a little Maltese x (prob Bichon), he weighs about 6kg and is 5 years old. I am a little confused with all the worming products.

    I would like an all worming product, i believe that you have to get a seperate heartworm one?

    Also flea treatment. There is not really a tick problem in Canberra, but I plan on taking him to the coast where there is a huge problem.

    So I need an all worming product (to include heartworm if possible) and flea and tick treatment.

    The tick treatment would just be for the warmer months as this is when we go away. Or is it the same price to get a fla/tick combo?

    A friend told me she uses but I cannot find any reviews on the product.

    I just want to make sure i protect him and dont miss any important treatments.

    Any help would be great.

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    Hi 'Mirage' and to the forum !

    As much as I find 'Mr Google' useful - for the health, welfare and treatment of my pups - I always rely on my Vet's advice and guidance. Your local vet has local knowledge as to what is needed and as most treatments are weight related, I go by what the vet suggests.

    So, as this is a new pup in your life - find a good local vet and be guided by what they would advise.

    Good Luck !

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    Yep find a good vet and develop a friendly relationship. If you dont trust their advice, pay the bill and find one you do.
    I was lucky first time and they have literally saved her life.

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