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    We have a 3 year old cattledog cross who is becoming increasingly anxious, he loves our other 2 dogs but while on walks will whine and bark at other dogs. We have just put him on nervatona (herbal) but need to know how effective this is, also whether people know of effective vet products.

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    Watch cesar milan dog whisperer about Anxious Dog - you can train your dog to be calm, sit her next to you for good 3 to 5 minutes before walking and while walking, just like the basic obedience training

    note: this is just a cheap alternative, a suggestion and please do not hold liable. I still suggest to consult a professional trainer or vet to give you concrete solution.

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    I would not just rely on medication. You need to get out and about with him in a training context. Do you have a close by dog club that runs obedience classes? This is a great way to socialise and train your dog in a controlled environment.

    You need to teach him an alternative behaviour. A good one that I once used with an anxious cattle dog I used to own was the "look at that" I would get her to look at the other dogs and then get her to immediately look at me and I would give her a treat, or play a game with her. This lessened her anxiety. I started her off at a distance form the other dogs where she wasnt reacting and gradually over time decreased the distance.

    There is rarely a miracle medication that will fix this behavior on its own. Been down that road before.

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    My rescue boxer Sophie has anxiety issues due to her background, and anxiety can be learned.

    What has happened to your dog in recent memory that may have brought his anxiety out? It may be insignificant to you, but could be a huge trigger for the dog. Next is - what sort of anxiety is it? Is there fear/agression (eg growling, snarling and hackle activity) or fear/retreat (eg low growling, retreat to safety {that is, would prefer to go backwards than forwards}, tail between legs)? Both need professional assistance, but the type of training you need is going to be vastly different, depending upon the issues.

    SOme people swear by Bach's Rescue Remedy - a drop on their tongue before walking - but I'd say in this instance you need to address the cause of the behaviour change (for instance, is it possible your dog could have suffered a mild stroke?)

    You will need to get a physical for your doglet to rule out an uderlying medical condition, then onto training with a professional.

    Anxiety in dogs is just as insidious in animals as it is in humans - it's trigger can be as subtle as a smell, or an activity like a sudden thunderstorm that your dog just can't process. Not an easy fix, but it is manageable.

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    What are you doing when he starts seeming "anxious" when out on walks?

    If you're scolding him or jerking him on lead when this happens - you coud be making him more anxious - as he will blame the other dogs for his pain. And then he will start anticipating being hurt when he sees other dogs.

    I know I'd freak out if every time I saw someone on a walk - I got yelled at.

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