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Thread: Demodex Mites

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    Malaseb won't help if it's mange, you need shots of ivermectin from your vet.

    They didn't do a skin scraping to confirm prescience of mites on the day? Mange mites look like little demented ugly crocodiles and it takes 2 seconds to look under a microscope... I think your vet is trying to get some extra padding in their retirement fund.
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    I had a couple of dobermans which came with demodex. The vet explained that all dogs carry the mite as it's passed from the mother to pups when feeding/birthing, just some dogs immune systems can't seem to control them, dobermans are supposedly particularly bad at dealing with it. Mine were itchy and bald in places. I'm pretty sure I had to give them ivermectin orally every day and bathe them in a very expensive wash every week or second week (think it was about $50 for one bottle that only did the two of them once or twice), I was already giving them Advocate which is supposed to help with it. I spent a heap on treating it and honestly I never really saw much improvement, it was very frustrating, and in my opinion I think they just grew out of it. I'm pretty sure I stopped treating it after ages with no improvement and they slowly improved on their own after that. I think some vets give an injection for it, I think a course of 3 shots, which is what mine had started to be given before I got them and when I took them in for the last shot at a different vet, he was very against this way of treating it and chose to start a new course of treatment. He did say it's difficult to get rid of in some breeds. I hope you find it easier to get rid of than I did.

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    The two most common types of mange is Demodectic and Sarcoptic. Both are mites but Demodectic is generally because of a lowering of the immune system and dogs between 4 - 14 months of age are most at risk. typically it infests the hair follicles. There is a course of injections for Demodectic Mange as the wash is no longer available in many places or if it's just patchy most vets prefer that the dog fight of the mange itself.

    If it's Sarcoptic manage is readily transmitted by direct contact and the dog is really itchy and it can lead to a secondary infection. The skin becomes dry, thickened and wrinkled.

    Your vet should take a skin scraping to determine which mange/mite it is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jadielee87 View Post
    she did have black looking things... they were like blackheads but they have nearly all gone now. This creeps me out! I might get Harley some of the same spot on stuff Bella is on as it prevents it. Our neighbours have a sheep and we've probably got foxes in the back paddock but Bella doesn't go in there.
    Yep, if there are blackheads it's almost definitely demodex. You don't have to be as paranoid about it spreading to you as you would with sarcoptes, but all the same limit your contact with her and try to keep her away from other dogs until she's better. Start treating your other dogs because there is a good chance they have them as well.

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    demodectic mange is not caught from other dogs, it is a genetic condition more common in some breeds (Staffies are shockers for it) Mammals immune systems have the ability to also fight off parasitic attacks from worms, mites etc. When the immune system is down, the mite burrows into the skin and causes scaley skin, hair loss etc.

    Your vet should do the skin scraping BEFORE the advocate. Advocate use can create low numbers of mites but not total eradication and hence can turn up a false negative. Go back to the vet now, get a good deep scraping from multiple locations and the dog will need some off label dosing of Ivermectin to kill the mite, injectable is common. All that stuff slathered onto the dog is going about it the wrong way, you're treating everything without doing a simple scrape test - too much outlay and a lot of meds into a dog that is already obviously compramised.

    You can easily see the difference between Demodextic mange and Sarcoptic (fox) mange under a microscope. Sarcoptes is round like a tick whereas demodex looks like a mealworm almost.

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    Thanks for the info guys. Really not liking the idea of my little girl having mites I will just carry on with what I have at the moment, its already been paid for anyway now so there is no point in wasting it. I suppose it will probably look like another trip to the vets anyway so we will get the skin scraping done then.

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