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Thread: Siberian Husky Puppy Food

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    husky x BC - does not sound like the work of a responsible breeder.

    And a responsible breeder would be advising you on the best diet for your puppy.

    What is a responsible companion animal breeder? - RSPCA Australia knowledgebase

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    Collie x Husky pups are adorable, very beautiful dogs, would love to see some pics of your new pup. I am very sorry to hear about that other guys experience with the breeder, that is horrible, some people should not be allowed to breed, you made the right choice with going somewhere else, though i do feel sorry for the pups that would of come from him and hope they all went to excellent forever homes.

    We put veggies in our dogs diet every now again, but its more of a filler then a dietary requirement, dogs systems to do not have the ability to break through plant matter/veggies cell walls- where all the nutrients is, we usually slightly puree veggies or finely chop and steam them when we add it to their food. But to be very honest it is very rare that we add veggies to the diet in the first place, different people have different things to say about it.

    Our 3 are fed on on meat, bones and offal, they do have a mercury free liquid fish oil for omega 3 and a little bit of garlic for fleas and raw eggs (shells and all) also added to it. But otherwise they have been on it for quite some time now and they love it, their coats have never looked better, their breath has never smelt better, Huskies don't really have a smell anyway but there is no real stink about them on the raw diet, they have never been healthier then they are on the RAW diet, also we know exactly what is going into their food and can control how much of everything they are eating.

    we try and mix their meals up as often as we can so it is always something different for them, but at the moment they have Beef mince, Kangaroo mince (very high in protein), Chicken wings, chicken necks, cow heart, cow tongue, kidney & liver with raw eggs, fish oil and garlic and some scraps from our butcher (steak offcuts, fatty offcuts, chicken off cuts, sausages etc).

    You are on the right track with asking on a forum such as this and asking questions to learn more before you jump into it. If you don't ask questions you will never know the answer.

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