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Thread: Husky nutrtition requirements?

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    Default Husky nutrtition requirements?

    Hey guys,

    after looking online for hours i can find very little info on nutrition requirements for individual dog breeds i know that a huskies requirements differ a fair bit from other dogs of a similar size but can find nothing on how to get a rough guide for their needs to better tailor a home made feed for them. any info you guys have would be great.

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    Huskys dont really need a different diet unless you are intending on high level work like sledding a few times a week etc. Apart from that a good large breed diet with plenty of protein, low in fillers and a good amount of oils for the coat is required. If you want to make home made to control the ingredients look into the Vets All Natural range of products.

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    If you dog is still a pup, you don't want to overdo the protein. Too much can affect their growth and cause problems later. Ask your vet what the best levels are for your dog and then try to create that in a home made food you want.

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