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    Ok I am wanting to start Dolly in Obedience
    I am freaking out about her catching Parvo..
    could she still catch it even though she is fully
    upto date with her vaccinations ??
    I really wouldn't cope if something else went
    All dogs are going great and my girl Geneva
    had a fully health check to see if she is ok for future breeding
    and everything is A ok.

    With the Parvo outbreak I am a little worried..

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    I think at some point you just have to hold your breath and jump. I understand how scary it can be but so many more dogs are PTS because of behavioural problems, due to poor socialisation, than die from Parvo. I'm glad you have vet checked that she is OK for future breeding, now is the time to invest in her behaviour for future breeding. Good luck, I love her name and I bet she is gorgeous!

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    Im scared too lucky. And that new pup in our family, is about to lose the immunity from mum (12 weeks) , and be relying on its vaccinations, that scares me too! Thankfully, the dogs that come around here, are few. So less exposure than say some dog park. Are people still going to dog parks when Parvo's out there? I certainly wouldnt.

    But having had a dog aggressive foster, that scares me more! Risk analysis: high risk and high probability of occurrence. More likely to get issues from not socializing a large breed, than he catching parvo post vaccinations. Ergo, go to the training as less risk.

    Fantastic news about your lady G. I have a real soft spot for her after her last year! And her triumphant return to health is your just rewards for seeing her through each trial, at her side. Great team outcome for you both!

    Breeding again soon by any chance? I would love you to consider me as a potential home for any such 'little lad' you get spare? lol
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    If there is an outbreak in your area, then your fears are warranted. If you are worried "just because it's a possibility" then it's a risk we all take and the benefits of obedience outweighs the risks.

    The good thing about clubs is that all Vax paperwork must be sighted. But if it's held on general dog grounds then there is always the possibility as parvo stays in the soil for years.

    I take even very young pups to the dog show grounds, a risk a know. However if I was alerted to an outbreak then no, they don't go. I'm talking of 9 week old pups.

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