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Thread: Why not natural???

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    My husband is a shooter so I have about 2 months of roo in the freezer at all times.
    I also have loads of chicken mince and I feed frames and necks also.
    I add vegies rice and pasta on different days..
    I use Coprice as it works for the dogs. I tried using Royal Canine but they didn't like it.
    Coprice is one of the only ones that my dogs don't get hives with...
    Plus I give vitamins also, fish oil, ester C...

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    I guess for us it has been a matter of convenience. Over the years our BC's have usually performed really well at agility comps and won heaps of dog food, ranging from poor to high quality, depending on who was the sponsor. We did not have to buy much in the way of food for them.

    At one of our annual national events one of the dogs won 70 kilos of Royal Canin.

    Running the kennels now, we use ProPac and Earthborn and it's easy to just grab a bag out of stock. Both brands are super premium and we match the dogs with a suitable variation from the range.
    Nev Allen
    Border River Pet Resort

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