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Thread: Cleaning your dogs ears

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    Default Cleaning your dogs ears

    Hi everybody, I was told by the vet to clean Mo's ears out once a week because they are floppy ears and prone to infection. He hates it. I actually do it once a fortnight and it seems to be enough. He has had an ear infection once only. Recently though, I noticed him shaking his head so I have cleaned them again and I am keeping an eye on things.

    My question is, how do you guys clean your dogs ears, one vet told me to flush the ears with a little ear cleaner and wipe out the canal with a cotton bud. But recently I have been told by a friend that her vet said that you should not clean out the ear canal, only above the ear canal. So I youtubed and sure enough the first demonstration I found said not to clean out the canal.

    I don't want to do any damage to Mo. What do you guys do?

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    My Gordon Setter has ears that have no ventilation (think very large cocker spaniel & you get the idea). I find one of the things that helps is to trim behind and under the ear, a mini show clip.

    I don't pour anything in the ear, unless an infection has already begun and it's on vets instructions, for weekly cleaning I get No Frills make up remover pads, put the routine cleaner on that and wipe out the ear, I don't go poking down into the canal. I use this method because I think the whole infection thing is because the ear is moist so this cleans the ear without fluid left in it.

    Sometimes ear problems can be allergies. My old Kelpie got very bad ear infections when I first moved in with hubby and the skids. Turned out to be rice crackers, the skids loved them and had them for afternoon tea and were giving her quite a lot every day.

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    My girl has very floppy ears also and thus far we have yet to have any kind of ear infection.

    I just buy some of those ear wipes from the pet store and use those to wipe out her ears. As per instruction on the packet i don't poke it down her ear canal - just remove the dirt on the inside of her ear. She usually has pretty clean ears too, the towlette is still pretty clean after i've finished.

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    Our Shelties do a wonderful job of keeping the BC's ears clean.
    Nev Allen
    Border River Pet Resort

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    My vet told me to wash out my girls ears weekly wish ear wash but I rarely use it, I think I have only used it once because she had mud in her ears.

    I get a tissue and just wipe the inside, I do it about once a week for both my dogs and my cat. I don't go into the canal though.
    I also sniff the inside of their ears, gross I know, but I seem to be able to smell wether they have yeast or infections by doing that

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nev Allen View Post
    Our Shelties do a wonderful job of keeping the BC's ears clean.
    Tessa does that here...She loves doing it and they love her doing it , but I agree with MAC's cleaning system
    Pets are forever

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    Same as newfie here, bernie cleans pohm's (rose ears), and pohm has been taught to clearn bernies (prick ears). We used a bit of butter as encouragement and she's included that in her grooming him routine now.

    When i only had one bernie, swimming underwater cleaned them fine. (dont ask, ive no idea how he came to love having his head under water, but he loves to growl under water for some reason, freak!)

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    I get homebrand baby wipes from the supermarket and just give a wipe every so often, usually if I notice they're dirty. Dex runs around with his ears inside out quite often. I just try and wipe out the little clumps that I can see/reach with a finger.

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    I clean my dog's ears 1 every fortnight as per our Vet's advise

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    Vets do like it if the dog is happy to be handled all over, poked and prodded and inspected - including around the tail and under, and in the ears and around the teeth and down the throat...

    So Frosty and I practice from time to time. Lately when she goes swimming she's been getting water or sand or both in her ears. Not really suprising since she does sometimes get clobbered by a wave or stick her head right under water - or roll ear first on some sandy dead sea creature.

    When that happens, I hose what I can off, and then stuff a tissue as far as I can get it and pull it out with as much dirt and sand as I can manage. I don't think I'd be going there with cotton buds for the same reason you're not supposed to stick them in human ears including your own (though I do - very carefully).

    I've been tempted occasionally to give her a couple of drops of the stuff for swimmers ear but so far have not. As long as she's not holding her head lopsided or doing lots of ear flapping head shaking - then I don't mess with her ears much.

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