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Thread: Cleaning your dogs ears

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    I get a lot of rescues in with mucky ears, the bottom line is if the ears don't smell nice, clean the canals with an alchohol based ear cleaner that will treat and evaporate. I make my own, but there are several commercial brands to choose from.

    Step one - if your dog has hair growing out of the ear canal - pluck it out, a few hairs at a time. Poodles and schnauzers and their mixes are particularly prone to this. If will grow back, pluck it again when it does. If you are checking the ears weekly, it won't be a chore. I also like to trim any long hair on the inside of the ear flap to improve air flow.

    Step two - if the ears smells yeasty, tip or squirt a little ear cleaner into the canal (1/4 to 1/2 a teaspoon despending on the size of the head) and massage the ear. Your dog will want to shake, let him after you have massaged it for 10 or 15 seconds. Then clean the visible parts of the ear with a cotton pad (I use make up remover pads too!) that has been dampened with the ear cleaner. Don't push the pad or cloth futher into the ear than you can actually see. Repeat for the other ear. If it looks dirty but smells clean, don't flush the canal, just clean the visible parts. If the ear looks and smells clean, just wipe with a damp pad and do a pretend clean - really important while they are learning the routine.

    Step three - this is the really important part - give your dog a really yummy treat and a big cuddle for being so good!

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    Thanks everybody. I agree with the alergy thing. Mo has a lot of allergies and the family have been a bit slack in giving him treats so I will have to put a stop to it. I hope I haven't compounded anything by cleaning out the canal. I know you never touch a human ear canal but the vet told me that the dogs ears were different and I couldn't damage the ear drum. And Mac, I was worried about always putting ear cleaner into his ear because that meant it was damp.

    I have developed a bit of a thing about vet's which is a shame because I know that we need them. Just haven't found one that I totally trust. I guess it's like Doctors - you should always get more than one opinion.

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    I agree with you om the vet thing, one says one thing...the other says another, thats why this forum is good you get a lot of tried and tested information.

    My "other" vet suggested when a couple of my girls were getting ear infections, as a routine maintaince procedure to fill up the ear canal with opti clean and then clean as far as you can see with a cloth, whixh i did and they then got some really "nasty' ear infections.

    So i took the advice on the other ear cleaning thread here , to only dampen a cloth and clean as far as you can see and have had only minor or no infections since, so it definatley is the way to go.

    Sometimes i wonder what some vets are thinking, but like a doctor...there are good and bad and i have learned to do my own research and not take there advise as gospel..
    The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.
    Mohandas Gandhi

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    Hi- we have a beagle with the very floppy (and blooming cute!) ears. He was getting lots of very yuko yeast infections- we were is a real cycle of treating, they come back we treat again etc etc.
    Finally I did a big diet change- took him off all (most!) grain foods (mostly now raw and some naturo select) and we have NEVER had another ear problem - its been 2 years now. I have not cleaned or gone near his ears at all in this time, no regular cleaning. Amazing what a diet change did....

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