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Thread: My Dog is Itchy After Washing

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    I wash our lot when stinky... There are 2 who are washed maybe every 2 months, the other two (are crosses) are washed at least weekly. They stink to high heaven otherwise...

    I would personally try Aloeveen shampoo & conditioner. BUT are you sure that the shampoo you're using is thoroughly rinsed from Barney's coat? Any sediment left can cause itching and dryness.

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    I use johnsons baby shampoo and conditioner - as needed - which is less often than once a month.

    My dog gets hosed off with fresh water after the beach - around once a fortnight or so depending on weather.

    And she gets washed if she's rolled in something particularily horrible and stinky and persistant.

    At the moment she's getting a skin rash from the spring grasses which is not fun. Have to cut back on commando crawling.

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    I am not a dog bather.

    Generally, i use a lake or river if they are really dirty. Even dead animal rolling smell disappears within 24hrs on my dogs somehow? Magic!

    My dogs dont smell, coats are glossy, groomed a LOT however.

    Dogs are very clean animals, and only when you have issues, like with your other dogs, should you bath a dog in my opinion. When showing, i would bath the week before showing, but groom like mad all year around.

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    It might depend on the dog but for our puppies - Cardigan Welsh Corgis - we've been told we shouldn't need to wash them more than monthly as it strips the oils from their skin. Last night we bought a puppy conditioner so as to help reduce the chances of dry skin after a wash. We did this because last time we washed them (which is also our first time since we've only had them 5 weeks now), their skin became flaky and they got dandruff.

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