I'm wondering if the grooming gurus have any opinions on the Mars Combs (I may have got the name wrong). I have had Geoff clipped once, but I met another Airedale owner at the park and he said that he only gets his dog clipped every 6 months and uses a Mars Comb to thin out his coat in between.

Even though his coat is still relatively short (his first clip was very very short for tick purposes rather than a look) he seems to be continually panting in the heat we are having at the moment.

I have been told that clipping ruins Airedale coats and makes them fade so they are sort of grey and beige instead of black and tan. So maybe thinning his coat to keep him cool might be a better alternative.

I have no idea as I have never had a dog that needs clipping/stripping before.

At the moment I give him a brush on his legs and chest every night so he doesn't have any knots or mats. It's more a comfort question.

Thanks for your assistance.


Curly Girl