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Thread: Need Recommendations for Good Dog Groomer in Melbourne Area

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    Question Need Recommendations for Good Dog Groomer in Melbourne Area


    We are looking for a good Dog Groomer. we've been to 3 different ones already (based on recommendations from doggy friends we've made in parks, vet etc) and each time we have been disappointed.

    I don't think we are overly fussy...we are just looking for someone who will be gentle with our dog and actually do what we ask for.

    For example, we always request that the fur between his pads are removed (heard that this is a fairly standard practice? stops him slipping on our floorboards) and this was not done - they only trimmed them slightly if at all and we had to do it ourselves again about a week later (after paying $60-$70!!). so it's just been things like that we haven't been happy with and so don't want to give them repeat business.

    If anyone knows of a good one that would be really helpful.


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    Although I'm not in Melbourne, what things are you specific about? E.g specialising in your breed, whether they can drug your dog or not, etc.

    Dog groomers always make me uneasy honestly, I've always groomed my dog(s) myself or helped my dad with it.

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    Hi MissTeaAddict,

    Oh no nothing complicated in terms of being 'breed specific'. it's just been more like we've felt the groomers we've dealt with before have been quite pushy and not cared about anything we've asked for...they are more interested in getting us out the door and getting paid than listening to our instructions. We have a SWF and really don't like the boofy ears and tail look and even though we made this clear once our boy came out looking just like that. One groomer shaved his muzzle so that he lost all his whiskers...just things like that. We are just looking for someone that we can feel comfortable with and cares about what we want for him.

    We do mini-grooms for him but I just like the idea of getting a professional to clean areas like inside his ears etc as we wouldn't really know what we're doing

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    i use a groomer in the western suburbs (hoppers crossing) but they are mobile. called scruffs the girls name is lauren and they are great, they are usually pretty busy but its worth the wait.

    lauren is very friendly and my dog always comes back happy and looking beautiful

    i attached a photo of tessa shortly after a shave, she has severe allergies and often she doesnt have much to work with on her body but she always looks good, her face always pretty and they do trim the pads
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    i must add to that post, in the picture tessa had recently had surgery on her belly and thats why there is a line on her side. the vets had shaved much shorter, and scruffs tried to make it as least obvious as possible

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    would they come out closer to the city? we are close to inner melbourne so hopper's crossing is a bit far for us. i will try and google them.

    tessa looks very sweet btw

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    Sorry I do not know any good groomer in Melbourne.

    It is hard to find a good groomer. I had in contact with two groomers and they were wonderful. One is a well known schnauzer groomer but managed to cut my minis eyebrow wrong (I just assumed my minis must have moved at the crucial moment) but I was very happy as my minis looked so nice in general. I groom my dogs these days and they look fine.

    If I were you, I will bring specific photos to a groomer so that the groomer knows what to do. I will also ask them if they clip twice (this minimises obvious clipping marks). For paws advise them to do with a clipper rather than scissors if they can; this will provide a better/cleaner result (it will be also depending on if your dog can put up with clipper or not).
    For ears, why don’t you have a go? It is the easiest grooming part. I do monthly when I administer flea and worming tablets, as I noticed if you leave dogs’ ears too long it will be much harder and your dog will feel discomfort. I am sure you can get info and how to from internet/youtube. (to grip hair, just use corn starch when needed…no need for fancy powder)

    Good luck and please post photos after grooming!!! (love photos)
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    thanks hachna!

    don't worry - we always try to keep jax's ear's just that as we are not experts we feel more comfortable if someone who knows what they're doing also does it for us...just in case!

    We actually always bring photos...used one of yours once actually! the groomer said ok fine but ended up shaving his muzzle for some unexplained reason so he had a very sharp faced look instead of the rounded 'teddy bear' look.

    maybe we just need to be more pushy with our groomers...

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    hi i'm a groomer but is SA, i love it when new customers bring in photos, it gives me a good idea of what they want, be specific, if you are not happy be more specific, its your dog, it should be groomed how you would like. Good luck finding a good groomer.

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    I’m afraid I don’t know any really good groomers near the city, but our pet groomers are part of a pet shop and vet clinic, and they do an excellent job on my dog every time, as long as we give them an explanation of what we want, or give them a photo. They’re reasonably priced and very friendly with all the dogs, although I’m pretty sure they’re only located in western suburbs.
    If I hear any recommendations on groomers nearer to the city I’ll keep you updated. Good luck!

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