Hi there as Groomer i always find the clear communication is vital. Its not a matter of being PUSHY with your groomer but best to make sure that your on the same page with your expectations. For example what one persons idea of "not to short" may differ to what another persons expectations of that can be.
Best to talk to the groomer one on one in what you want for your groom. Photos are a great reference too- I have a few clients that have the odd request from time to time and although I don't thinks its aesethically pleasing I do whats best for the dog but bearing in mind to sticking to the owners wishes.
AZURESKY - with the groomers that we were not happy with, did you give them any feedback? So far I have been lucky and all my feedback was it really positive, but if I didnt satisfy I would like to know about it? Goodluck in your search for a Good Groomer