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That's neglect. grrrr

Maybe just dragging their heels in picking up the slack, i, having been assured that my GSD would take 1 brush a week. Needs daily grooming. So i now have a high maintenance dog. I can easily see why owners fall over at this point. If you are the sort of owner, that only walks the dog on the weekend, you're unlikely to brush daily. Hence the groomer to the rescue i guess.
But the dog wont suffer too much if it gets matted. I see working dogs matted all the time. Healthy as brutes!
So why not leave it over winter.

I think saving money is every families priority right now. Grooming fees over winter would be on the "want" not "need" list for my budget anyway.
Its not neglect. Its neglect of grooming.
Its contained.
That's ok.
Not contained neglect, is a completely different story of course