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    My dogs never get fleas. I don't know if I am just lucky, or if it's the area we live in or if it's the treatment we use *shrugs*

    I use Advantage drops once a month which is easy for us, but I know others that use different types of treatments and have constant issues with fleas.

    Is there anyone here who uses the drops and their dogs still suffer with fleas?

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    Frontline Plus did not work for my dogs but have worked for my cat. I used sentinel + capstar but did not work very well. Last 7 months, I have used last comfortis which seems best for my dogs. At the same time I have been to off leash dog park (especially fenced one) less frequently.
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    Thanks for the reply.
    I really do wonder if it's more environmental rather than the treatments used.
    Also, I suspect some dogs do better with some treatments over others.

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    At my old house my neighbours dog and yard were crawling with fleas, (to the point they were all over you if you were to step through the gate or walk up to the fence line) we use revolution on our dog and they never came near him or through to our side of the fence, even though the dogs played with each other at the fence.

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    We used a spot on, Advocate, for 6 months but one of the dogs developed flacky skin and the oil slick lasted for days. We now use Sentinel Spectrum . I believe some products such as Revolution and Frontline are not that effective in warmer states. Apparently something to do with the whole flea life cycle.

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    My staffie had an odd reaction to Advocate, coming up all red and flaky. Now we use soap free flea wash from here Rufus and Coco - Flea Flee and she's fine!

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    I use Revolution with great sucess even in the flea infested warm sub tropical coastal sandy area I used to live. I also used to use Program, dont know if they do that any more but that worked well too.

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    Nothing like a new user going through and bumping every ancient thread that takes their fancy. I use revolution too.

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