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Thread: Clipping Cocker's & New Shampoo for FAD

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    I use the Mars on my Gordon Setter, the shorter one for the top and a longer one for her feathering.

    My only suggestion is to not go for any of the cheap rip-offs go for the genuine Mars, I tried a cheap rip-off and wondered why everyone raved about them until I was loaned the real thing.

    My setter used to be clipped around the ears and neck for the show ring and yes it certainly has come back curly which I hate, but I now keep it under control with the Mars and keep her feathering lighter and shorter by using the one designed for the longer coat.

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    Here is the link

    Grooming the Cocker Spaniel

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    I have clipped heaps of cockers, if u start clipping short u should keep clipping every 6 to 8 weeks as it does seem to grow back thicker and curlier, good luck

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