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Thread: You've Got to Be Effing Kidding Me!!!

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    Myf, no matter how much the label of the shampoo bottle states it is mild and soothing and kind, any flea shampoo has chemicals in it that are going to cause a possible reaction with a dog who has just been through the trauma Lades has with her skin.

    I'm with Crested or whoever siad to stop using the flea shampoos. Find something medicated specifically designed to calm down skin allergies/flare ups/reactions.
    And of course, wash Lades as little as possible and perhaps consider another forum of flea control.

    You know, I've never had an issue with the successfulness of Frontline, but I am hearing about a heck of a lot of ppl who just aren't finding it works for them any more.

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    shannon lush says mint tea works.

    She gets fresh mint out of the garden and puts that in a teapot with boiling water and lets steeps for a few minutes.

    And this point - I'd drink it yum, but she says dilute it again (1 part tea to ten parts water?) and wash the dog with it, and spray their bedding with it. Lavendar is also supposed to be good for flea repellant and dog calming properties.

    I think it unlikely that mint tea diluted would irritate the dog skin and if it makes the dog smell not dog like to a flea - that's got to be a good thing.

    For itches - I use aloe vera - neat out of the cactus leaf. Reduces licking too. But use in moderation, large amounts arent too good for a dog, but then again most dogs won't eat it because it tastes too bitter.

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    I add animal fat to my GSD's food. 1tbsp of dripping per day. This seems to keep coat/skin in good nick.
    I dont bother with shampoos, as my dog swims, dust baths daily, im wasting my time! And the one time we did do it, he itched for a fortnight, and coat was dull as dish water for a week afterward, despite being hypoallergenic, for sensitive skin types.

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    Eucalyptus apparently repels fleas. I wash all the animal bedding with eucalyptus wool wash... and have used it on the dogs from time to time, too.

    I found the flea shampoos irritated my dogs' skin... so switched to "Maliseb" (sp?) available from vet without prescription. Worked a treat for any type of skin allergy/ condition. I also found after washing the dogs seemed to go and rub themselves on the ground, through the trees... all over the shop until they were dry... worried me for a time, but seemed to do no harm.

    I tend not to treat the animals for fleas at all- just the bedding and all around the house. The vet gave me a concentrate I mix with water (and can't for the life of me remember the name of) and spray all areas- praticularly the dry dirt as apparently that is where fleas prefer to breed. I add garlic and Omega oil to food daily and have thus far never seen a flea on any of my buddies. (Thus far!!!)

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