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Thread: Smooth, Silky and Dandruff Free Banjo

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    Default Smooth, Silky and Dandruff Free Banjo

    After a few days on rain and an increasingly pong Banjo it was finally time to give him a bath cold or not.
    Usually after a bath he gets really itchy and has tons of dandruff.. I figured one more time on his usual shampoo would be ok before I buy a different brand.
    So as I am washing him I see my 'head and shoulders' sitting nearby and thought what the heck after his normal shampoo I put in some conditioner.
    All I can say is WOW! he has the most amazing soft, clean, nice smelling, dandruff free coat and hasnt scratched once! He feels like a soft bunny!

    But my question is- will this be ok for his skin/ coat?
    I know dogs PH levels are different but this only seems to help him not hurt him? and it is only the conditioner I am using so not as harsh as the shampoo...

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    is your dog still ok, no dandruff? no itching? i have this issue with my little dog.. if this helps, i'm game to try it....

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    I use head and shoulders conditioner too! Along with itch relief wash from rufus and coco, with seems to sort it out.

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