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Thread: Eating Bubbles and Drinking Bath Water

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    Default Eating Bubbles and Drinking Bath Water

    My dog follows me around house and I can never have a moment to myself even in the bath. She really likes eating the bubbles and then drinking the water. I use rose bubble bath or lavender bubble bath stuff. Is it safe for dogs and why does she like it so much????

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    Too much could make her sick, bubbles baths aren't really meant to be ingested, especially by dogs.

    Might be time to teach her to stay out of the bathroom, or lock the door while you are in there... it won't hurt her to be alone for an hour while you have a bath

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    OT but my cat likes to walk around the rim of our triangular spa bath. I live for the day that she falls into it.

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    Keep her out.
    Detergenty and shampooey sorta things are what many of our induced vomiting is because of.
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    thankfully i dont have this problem, the moment my boy hears water running into a tub/bath he runs outside and stays there until he thinks the coast is clear and he escaped bath time again...

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