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Thread: Tear Staining

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    Quote Originally Posted by Charlie & Bella's mum View Post
    No, uh, what now? lol
    Sorry C&Bs mum, entroption is when the eyelids turn in slightly, causing the lashes to be in contact with the eye's surface. If you think about how bad it feels to have one lash in your eye, imgaine how some dogs feel with all their lashes growing inwards... Eeek!

    A bit of gunk is noromal in little hairy dogs. But next time you're at your vet ask them to check her eyes just to be safe.

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    I have heard that too much protein in their diet can cause tear staining, anyone else heard this?

    Back when I had my Shih Tzu tear and saliva staining was a never ending battle. After every meal and every time she drank I's be up in the grooming room with my box of cornflour, rubbing it into the wet spots and combing it out.

    You can buy tearless, waterless shampoos as well which were a godsend, all you have to do is rub it into the dogs coat until it lathers and then rub it dry with a towel, no need for rinsing and it doesn't irritate.

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    Would i follow these same tips for saliva staining? I never really cared much about her staining around her mouth, i just figured that's what happens when you have a long haired, white dog (she is my first long-haired dog). Then one day at obedience, the trainer was giving me a hard time about the staining around her mouth & on her feet saying something about bacterial infections and just giving me this dirty look. So what's the deal? was i neglecting my dog by not clearing up the staining? My OH doesn't like the look of it, so he went out and got some tear & saliva stain remover and he applies it around her mouth every morning when she gets a brush, and just before bed when she gets another brush. I haven't seen any change as of yet (it's been about a week) anybody any opinion on whether staining is actually harmful and if they have any tips for OH.

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    Bacterial infections and staining really only go together with dogs with wrinkling such as shar pei, basset hounds etc when the staining starts happening inside the folds of skin. For staining around the mouth it's the saliva doing it, not bacteria and not your fault at all.

    Some dogs are prone to staining, some aren't. It's the same as some dogs getting dirty teeth faster than other despite being on the same diet, their saliva is different so it doesn't keep up with the self cleaning as well as it should.

    Keeping the hair dry is the best way to avoid staining. If her feet are stained because she licks or chews them then it's the saliva causing that as well. Just put a tiny bit of dencorub on the hair on her toes to stop her licking them. For the mouth just follow the steps above, keep dry with potato flour and use some staining products to get rid of the color that is already there.

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