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Thread: Pet Esthe???

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    Default Pet Esthe???

    who uses pet esthe and what do you think of it??

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    Frosty sometimes bathes in the mud puddle at the cricket oval - does that count? Doesn't seem to cause any problems.

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    I hadn't heard of it. But I don't think dying pet's coats is a very good idea at all. Or painting their nails...

    Plus I think that perfume for dogs is not a nice idea. Anything that smells "fresh and floral" to us no doubt smells like a vast assault on a dog's olfactory senses.

    They have an impressive number of products, and nice natural ingredients. But I think it's all a bit excessive. Not to mention expensive looking. Some have bee products in them which are an allergey concern in humans as well as dogs.

    I had to giggle at their main webpage which has the guy hugging the dog and cat - and the cat looks for all the world like it is struggling to escape...

    Pet Esth

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    yeah it does look like it's trying to get away! I think it's a girl, not a guy!

    In My Home Dog Minding

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    I couldn't decide so took a guess... my bad...

    Escaping cat... Maybe he doesn't like the smell...

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