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Thread: Would You Clip Ollie

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    Nothing wrong with clipping a dogs coat in my view. It doesn't ruin them either. The hair is simply cut short, just like when you cut yours, and it grows back.

    My mother in law cut her Border Collie's coat every year and I have had so many people tell me that it would ruin the coat. I beg to differ. Tasha had the most glorious coat and it always grew back just as lovely.

    Zen, you won't have ruined Nelson's coat. You've done hima huge favour getting rid of the matts though!

    Vellela, if Ollie's coat is as thin as you say then clipping it won't help with the heat I wouldn't think.
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    My mum has an Old English Sheepdog and she clips his coat every summer as although he is an indoor dog he suffers from the heat considerably and therefore rarely ever has a full coat. It has never ruined his coat you can see.....

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    i suppose if one had a show dog, and needed that coat to be there in prime condition, one might think twice... but for those dogs with thick luxurious hair, summer in Australia could be a torture indeed?

    honestly, when Nelson first arrived home, we didn't even know if he was a boy or a girl till he cocked his leg for the first time. he couldn't raise his tail. must have been so uncomfortable, even painful. poor baby.

    that old english sheepdog is beautiful!

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    I have some of mine clipped regularly and it has never affected their coats. I like to keep them shorter in the warmer months.They always look more comfy after.
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