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Thread: Malamute X Sheppard Help!!!!

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    Exclamation Malamute X Sheppard Help!!!!

    Hi everyone I am new to this forum and was after opinions on the best brush/tool for getting the excess fur off my 12yo girl.
    I have tried numerous combs, brushes etc with not much luck.
    I bought a Furbuster yesterday again no good. The teeth of the tool are so short I found it didn't get into her coat, just skimmed the top coat.
    She has chunks of wooley fur on her legs that was easier for me to just pull out by hand.
    I want something that will do the job quickly of stripping the excess fur as she as old & doesn't like to stand for too long.
    Help please!!

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    Hi Samsamo,

    If she doesn't like to stand for long, why make her stand at all? I wouldn't like to either, for that matter.

    Get her to lie down so she's nice and comfortable. That way you can give her a good thorough brush-out, and she gets a rest, a groom and a cuddle all in one.

    If the chunks are loose, particularly around her neck, under chest and hind hocks, then just pull them out by hand (gently. Lol.)

    There are a good variety of brushes for this sort of oat on the market, and also combs, which work well also for undercoats. Slicker brushes come in all sorts of sizes for different coats, so check them out too.

    Don't expect that it is going to be a 'quick' job!!! The dog will be far more comfortable lying down while you do it, so take all the time you need to get all the undercoat out properly.

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    I find the stripper brushes the best. You know the ones with lots of little pins. The type where the end is bent slightly and of good quality are the best.

    But I'm not a groomer. The ones at the kennels were good German brand where the head of the brush also flexed.

    Probably would hurt to ask your local groomer what they suggest on the coat, or have them do the job this time and then upkeep it yourself.

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    Some people recommend the Furminator - the wide version of it. Prices vary greatly and I haven't had one to try.

    I use rubber curry combs that you get from horse shops. Ideally have two, one on each hand and then just brush as fast as you can and as deep as the dog can stand, hand over hand, in the same way you would with wet fingers. It's easier than wet fingers. And yes some fur - you pluck out. Furminator is supposed to help with that, it's one of those wire pronged things that looks a bit like a flea comb with a better handle.

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    Thanks everyone
    I didn't mean that she has to stand constantly but certain parts I need her on her feet and don't want to brush her for hours on end as she gets bored with it quickly.
    I just wanted some ideas as to what people have found the best in their opinion.
    As said I've tried quite a few different types without much success.
    I was going to buy a rake to use with the comb I have?
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    BTW that's her in my pic

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    i have a husky, and i use a furminator on her works and absolute treat, she is blowing her coat at the moment, i do pluck it out with my fingers but the furminator gets most of it out, also a rake is a good tool to use, i am a groomer, slicker brush is good also.

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