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Thread: My japanese spitz got shaved

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    Default My japanese spitz got shaved

    I recently adopted my Cross Japanese Spitz. He is 4 years old and when I first got him, his hair was nicely trimmed. I wanted the same look for him when I took him to Petbarn to be groomed.

    I really wish I researched before I took Snow to the groomers. I asked them to make Snows hair shorter, like a trim (didn’t ask for it to be shaven) and he came back almost bald. I was so angry because I thought it would take forever to grow back but now I realise there are a million more problems than just that! It’s spring and he is shivering! I’m too scared to even let him in the sun because he might get burnt AND HE'S OH SO LOVELY FUR MIGHT NEVER GROW THE SAME!!

    I really don’t know what to do. My partner and I are so upset. We have no idea what to do and Snow seems miserable!

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    Oh I'm so sorry to hear this! As a dog groomer I understand how easy it is for misunderstandings to happen, that is why when I'm talking to clients I ask lots of questions to clarify exactly what they want. If your groomer isn't asking questions like that you need to clarify what they're going to do - give them an indication of how much you want off, for example 2cm taken off. Another good idea is bringing in a photo of what you want your dog to look like.

    From your description that sounds like a short summer cut which in my opinion is not a 'trim' but everyone uses the words differently... I've had people bring their dogs in for a 'trim' and then complain that I haven't taken them short enough (turns out they wanted the dog basically shaved)... that was when I first started grooming and hadn't learnt to ask lots of questions to clarify

    Considering it has already happened, there isn't really much you can do except wait for it to grow back... I really hope it grows back okay for you! Perhaps you could get him a jacket to keep him warm until summer?

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    Maybe get him a coat.

    I didn't think it was a good idea for a spitz type coat to be shaved. I know people do it but - it protects from heat and sun as much as it keeps an arctic dog warm in winter.

    You could write a complaint to pet barn and ask for your money back... inappropriate cut for a spitz. Tho the groomer might say different if the coat was very matted (dreadlocks).

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    A childs skivvy works well on dogs.
    Mine had to have his back feather on R leg removed/shaved off. about 6 weeks ago. Hair is now back and feathering once more.
    Its temporary is what im getting at.

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