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Thread: My cocka and her feet

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    Hi all
    I have a 1.5 yr old cocker spaniel whom I clip with a wahl clipper. She is wonderful with everything until we get to her feet. When I try to clip her feet she pulls away tries to bit the clippers or me. I've tried treats or giving her toys to distract her. Any suggests would be appreciated

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    Some clippers pull at the hairs in a dogs foot....

    It might be easier to finish with a pair of scissors? When you say feet - do you mean between her toes or do you mean around her ankles?

    Hopefully you will get some good advice from a professional groomer... Most that I know do not try to use the clipper for everything but the more delicate areas - they use scissors.

    My dog - I managed to train her to lie upside down in my lap for nail clipping but nothing I could do could get her to stay still while I actually clipped. So we go to a professional groomer for that. She's faster and more accurate than I am and it's over much quicker with no pain.

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    I'm a professional dog groomer, and from experience I'd say your best option is to just finish her feet off with scissors. I very rarely fully finish dogs feet with the clippers, (Except for Poodle feet, which can be a pain in the neck with some dogs!!) I find a lot of dogs find the sound and vibration of the clippers on their feet to be irritating so they pull away. I can also not get the same finish with clippers as i can with scissors.

    If you're too nervous to use scissors or if she doesn't like the scissors either (I find most dogs are okay with scissors even if they're not okay with clippers), probably your best bet is to just persist with treats and positive reinforcement. Perhaps get someone else to praise her and give her treats while you slowly work away at her feet.

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