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Thread: Highly Recommended: Pure Bamboo Pet Soap

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    Default Highly Recommended: Pure Bamboo Pet Soap

    My mrs picked up some pure bamboo soap which looks like this: Pure Bamboo Pet Soap 100g

    A while back and every time I use it on our labrador all of his dandruff and skin flaking just disappears totally.

    The girl who sold it to my mrs said it was great for their skin and at first I was like "yeah, yeah, shes just trying to sell her product" but after using it several times now I can honestly say that it is the best soap we have used for him!

    Previously I had used some Indian stuff that they use to was cows and that was OK, but this stuff here really makes a noticable difference.

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    It's a good feeling to find a product that you really like.
    I bought Olive Oil Dog soap recently. I forget which herbs it contains! It's hard to get a lather but it cleans and best of all it doesn't give Misha the itchies!

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