When Koda was about 6 months old he started to get matts behind his ears. At first i was able to brush them out, but we went on holidays for 2 weeks and when i got home, the matts had gone right down to his skin. I have always cut out what i could, but it was so close to his skin that i couldn't use scissors to remove them. I tried to shave them off but he wouldnt let me. They haven't really bothered him so i ended up just leaving them, and they've been there ever since. Last time i took him to the vet, the vet tried to shave them off... even with 3 people holding him we couldn't do it.
Today i was at the pet shop getting some ferret food and i spotted a matt splitter, i bought it and tested it on Koda when i got home.
I am over joyed to announce that Koda is officially completely matt free after almost 2 years! and i can assure you that from now on he will always be matt free
Great product, definitely recommend it to anyone who has a long haired dog who's fur tends to get matted!