I have a 4 yr old, very large GSD. He's very friendly, very high octane, never bitten a thing in his life.
Question 1.
Would you be prepared to take a novice for grooming?
What would you do with a long haired GSD?
He's nuts for water, and gets the zoomies when wet, how would you control this?
Would i need to be with my dog?
Why would i take my dog to you? ie. what do other GSD owners want from a groomer that we could be missing out on?

Question 2.
Anal glands. bernie's work fine, never block. When he relaxes, some of this comes out, and sticks to his furry butt, and i can smell it, but have a nose like a bloodhound anyway, nobody else can smell this in my house. Would it be ok to trim the hair around the anus to prevent the hair trapping the smell?

My only experience with a groomer, is taking my rottie to one, and he was too strong for the groomer to handle she said. Very friendly, just stubborn and weighed 8 stone. Twas not a success, and i had to go pick him up, still bone dry, but very silly mood dog!