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Thread: Gotta love shedding season!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sean View Post
    You mean to tell me there's a 'season'.........bloody all year round here or so it seems anyway.
    We have two 'seasons' here.. Shedding season and mating season !!!
    I got two robot vacuums to keep on top of the shedding season, specially when all three decide to shed at once...  14

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    number one reason why i dont allow dogs in the main house! Suzie sheds year round, the amount varies but there is always a generous amount of hair laying around. she also changes colour, most of the year shes solid black and white but at certain times she has a definite red undercoat, its really showing up right now. when i first lived with my now husband we were in his dads house/shop and the dog decided to sleep in our bed, it was gross, i had to change the sheets just about every day, i soon put my foot down, surprised i got away with it as just the girlfriend but once we got Suzie the FIL's dog refused to come in our room any more so it was a win win! thankfully by the time Suzie started shedding we were in our own house so she slept in the laundry before moving out side in the summer, i cant imagine trying to keep the floors crawling baby safe with a toddler AND and dog messing it up!

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    I use a sabco flat static mop inside - and then brush that off outside. I've defluffed enough off Frosty each day for the last couple of weeks to keep all the nesting birds around here warm all winter. Turns the grass grey.

    I don't know where it all comes from - she's got a short coat.

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    ive just swept and mopped from front to back of house
    stone floor, never looks dirty, never looks clean

    same sable colours as my 2 dogs.
    You know when you walk in to inspect a property, see something like that and well
    i knew i had to have it.
    I have OCD and lived in a house with wooden floor boards, showed every goddamn hair!

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    We invested in a Dyson to get rid of the dog hair in the house - best investment ever! The only regret I have is that we didn't get the big one. Because that would also attach a dog grooming tool. Not that I have tried it, but I'm sure it's amazing.

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