I bought one of those dog wash nozzles/sprays that you attach to the end of the hose and you can put the shampoo in it so when it comes out its all bubbly and easier to soak into the fur because Molly also has a really thick undercoat that takes me forever to dampen to get the shampoo to froth and penetrate. I bathe her in a large plastic storage tub (i think it's a 16L though not too sure of this) which i bought from sam's warehouse for like $15 and i put this on top of our outdoor table so it saves me bending over (like in the bath tub)

and then when i'm finished, i wait for the container to dry and pack away all her bathing creme's, detangler, brush and towels into the container and store it away for the next wash - that way everything is prepared and in the one place.