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Thread: Best Dog Foods?

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    Our dogs have only ever had dry but with a bit of water added to ensure they have enough liquid in their gut. An occasional treat of a spoon of chicken or kangaroo mince from time to time. May get a chicken neck, chicken wing or frozen sardine occasionally as well.

    All of them are, or have been, high drive agility nuts and we have had no issues with this diet.
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    There really are quite a few threads were people explain exactly what they feed to their dogs and why... But anywho.

    I feed pet mince with Phuds. Though I might switch to VAN when my Phuds runs out. I am currently trying all butchers in the area to find the best mince. I actually found one, but I found $6 a kilo a tad on the expensive side. So the search continues.

    I feed raw bones daily. Regularly chicken necks with dinner. An egg and fish weekly.

    But my dog also has dry food available, though only eats small quantities of that. I just use a supermarket brand right now, but I would like to switch to Black Hawk too.

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