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Thread: Convincing people not to feed crappy food

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    I think long ago memories of loved dogs living on cheap budget brands, doesn't allow for the cynicism and additives and frightening things put into budget tins, now. I try to keep my dogs happy with raw food and a small amount of dry and try to slip in rice, barley, etc. I know that when I had no car and they got mostly dry, they had poo that peeled paint and had me gagging. My old lab had a lamb shank, 5 cents or a lamb neck, 7 cents, every morning, then dinner, at night, more than 40 years ago, now. I think the most important thing is to try to rotate the food, so whatever problems with balance, additives, etc., disappear in the range of food. I recently got into a debate with a woman who would never allow her dogs bones. Not even chicken necks and directed me to a hounding lecture by a vet, who said our dogs are living an average of 2 years longer, if they get nothing but dry food - presumably premium and ever in that hungry lean look so favoured for those who want to live forever. Yet I always imagine my dogs looking SO sad and SO bored, with that diet. I think THEY would vote for the bones and range of food. They don't travel, shop, gamble, (tho they do gambol), or hae sex. They really only have food as their indulgent joy and obsession. Imagine us with a perfectly balanced raw food meal, every day. NEVER cake or custard or tarts or iced coffee or choccy milk or ice cream... sigh. I did point out that dogs who so rarely eat bones scoff them and gulp them, as no dog does, when it's a daily thing. Mine settle down with a bone like men used to smoke cigars. A slow contemplation. It's the dog SO overjoyed, or so worried it will be taken off them, that swallows too big a piece, still with too many sharper edges and has to be rushed to the vet.

    I remember being told those horror dead and dying battery hens in photo's are in dog food. The dead and broken legged stock at saleyards go to pet food. But then the sweetest natured, huge characters of battery hens and old ewes are also in pet food. There are times I wish I only had vegetarian pets... (Herbivores). Double sigh.
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    I think a lot of people/companies tell us thinks to try and scare us. I just ignore it all :P

    What your parents feed their dog is really none of your business. If they want to feed their dog Pal, then good for them. If the dog does poorly on it, then maybe suggest something then. Every dog is different, and not all of them do well on what you think is good. Just because it's expensive doesn't mean it's the best or the healthiest. Just because vets advocate it, doesn't mean it's good for your dogs either. Most vets are not nutritionists.

    Only reason I don't feed Pal is because the smell makes me sick

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    I know of a dog who choked to death on a chicken wing, while his owner frantically tried to pull it out of his throat. Just too tragic. She still hasn't been able to have another dog years later. So there are considerations to make with raw.

    Most pet mince is made from the trimmings and leftovers from human grade meat, especially the stuff from local butchers etc. Some of the bigger brands may come from more questionable meat sources.

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