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Thread: Convincing people not to feed crappy food

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    Quote Originally Posted by Di_dee1 View Post
    Many, many dogs do well on pal, chum etc from the supermarket and live very long and healthy lives.
    It is all a matter of choice and if your dog does well on it.

    My dogs are on supercoat and raw and are thriving with shiny coats good teeth and health. Other dogs in the past have lived to the extent of life for their breed on supermarket pal and chum.
    Yes I agree. Mine get a mix of 50% supercoat from the supermarket and 50% earthborn holistic or natural choice. They also get raw bones. They are working dogs and have plenty of energy and their poos are fine.

    My mums poodle mix has allergies and a bad tummy and after trying raw, California natural and a range of other good quality foods, she found the dog does best on a mix of supercoat, natural choice and tinned pal. No farts.
    I really dont get to hung up about what other people feed their dogs. If they ask advice fine but really it is about what suits your dog and budget.

    My first dog lived to 17, healthy and active on a diet of pal meaty bites and tinned pal. That was the best there was back in those days in terms of supermarket foods anyway. I dont recall her doing too many farts.
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    Harley and Bella are on holistic biscuits, roo meat and bones and their farts are still disgusting. Poo's are nice and firm though! Lol

    There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.

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    I switched from tinned food or rolls to mince + Phuds and I am pretty sure Banjo doesn't poo as much as she used to. She used to be a poo machine when I just got her! I do still feed her supermarket dry food though. I might switch her to Black Hawk... When I get organised...

    I bought the Phuds online and it was delivered to my door. Even easier than going to the supermarket! I do find it hard to find reliable pet mince though. I bought some from our butcher the other day and neither the cat or the dog would touch it! And the supermarket brands might have nasties in it. When I can be bothered I buy roo mince and beef heart and liver and freeze it in portion sized bags.

    I started buying artificial colouring and preservative free food for my old dog after I spoke to some dog owner whose old dog's arthritis pretty much cleared up completely after she switched him to home-made food. They claimed it was due to the lack of preservatives and colouring and I chose to believe them. Of course it is possible that the wheat or corn or whatever they put in the supermarket food contributed to the arthritis too. But avoiding arthritis and similar old-age conditions that won't kill your dog but will reduce their quality of life is a good argument to use.

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    Thanks for all your comprehensive replies! My feeling is that if you can afford to buy healthier (whatever that might actually mean!) food you probably should. I know they wouldn't spend the small fortune we do on Canidae and TOTW (one border collie with EPI and being on the grain free diet has changed her life) but Black Hawk looks pretty good so I went out and bought them a 20kg bag today and used a few of your lines Hyacinth. The unnecessary fillers was the convincing argument I think, also helps that it's Australian made. We'll see how he goes on it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crested_Love View Post
    I know I don't like going to the pet store to buy food and honestly I prefer not to buy from places that sell animals
    Completely agree. It pained me to have to go into Pets Paradise to buy EVO for my ferret (the best ferret dry food in Aus by a very long way in my opinion) and am jumping for joy that they have lost their monopoly. I'm pretty lucky I have two very large warehouse-like pet stores near me that do not sell animals.

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    raw is best for ferrets anyway if you want to avoid piles of poo. Just put something like the Vets All Natural Health Booster on it at cat ratios and add some raw meaty bones. We have 11 ferrets and no smell

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    All my life I used to feed my rotti's canned food..
    They lived till like 11 years old..
    Since having Dogue's I have always
    used mince roo chicken necks all the good stuff really..
    I tried to get them on kibble only diet and they never did well
    and just looked at us as if they were saying " Your joking is this it"..

    I would love to feed BARF but unfortunately I would need
    at least 4 containers to feed one of mine..which would cost me a fortune.

    I guess what works for their dogs is great..
    Ask them why the VETS do not stock a variety of canned food ????
    I once asked my vet this and he said cause canned food is shit
    and in the end cost the owner money as the canned food causes health
    problems .. Just sayin

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    I only have a few cans here for absolute emergencies and with my town being an island in the floods I thought I might have to use them but nope. Two large cans of Pal behind the front door make excellent door stops though.

    These dogs have never had canned dog food so I would hate to think what their farts would be like, all 4 going off all night in our room along with hubby who does a good job of that just by himself.
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    Why not accept that how your parents feed their dog, is none of your business. But when you get your dog, and you have the choice, you can select the best you can afford to give it.

    You have tried to propose a alternative perspective, they have resisted. Any attempt to 'push' your opinion, it very likely to be met with automatic resistance now. I suggest back off.

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    Mine have raw with kibble. At the moment I have just gone back to Coprice, which is a cheap food.

    I have just done a couple of months of Black Hawk and scrapped it. Mine needed far more than the recommended amount to hold weight, had bad breath, and the dirtiest teeth they have ever had. They loved it, and would scoff it down, especially Boris who is my fussy food-princess. But the volume they needed was expensive to say the least. And yes, smaller poos, but very smelly.

    But the clincher was his skin. Boris has only once had a skin break out, when I couldn't get normal food and bought Pedigree Kibble. But on Black Hawk he has had constant breakouts, and lost coat quite dramatically. Not happy. One of my girls did as well and lost all the coat along her back with a gunky sticky skin rash. Yuck. It cleared up with a Malaseb bath whereas Boris has just kept on getting little patches everywhere.

    Expenisive and / or holistic is not necessarily the best for individual dogs. The best food for dogs is what they thrive on, and what suits their owners budget and lifestyle.

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