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    I just moved from Perth to Melbourne and have always fed my dogs Tucker Time both roll and dry food. Both boys love it and my vet always comments on how healthy both their coats, teeth, gums and etc are. I've noticed its harder to get over here because it doesn't seem to be in many pet shops. I've also noticed it doesn't get mentioned on here is there a reason why? I've always seem to have a good run with it and was wondering what other people's opinion's on the Tucker Time products are?

    Thanks AC

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    Hi, I also have moved from Perth to Melbourne and both my dogs were on Tucker time too. I haven't found any yet here either.

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    I'm in Adelaide - I've never heard of it. Have you looked on the packet label to find out where it's made?

    Personally I cannot bring myself to feed my dog the dog roll stuff. And I've heard it makes for the kind of farts you can use to power small villages in NZ.

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    Gosh I used to feed this to my dogs years ago, I didn't know it was still around. I'm in Sydney and it only used to be in a few vets, never pet stores etc.

    It was very good, just expensive so I had to change as my pack grew.

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    I've never heard of it either but if your looking for a replacment have a look at 'Scotty's' dog rolls. They have about 7-8 diffrent rolls and my blokes doing fine on them. I can only find it in some butchers though.
    Scotty's Premium Pet Foods

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    Ah I just had a look at their website and it is made in WA ha ha. There is a list of stockists in Victoria on their site though.

    Suprisingly, I found it was great for my dogs not stinking. Other meat rolls and meaty bones seem to not agree so much with my little ones tummys.

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    If you like Fresh Pet Food, there is the purple pack I think its Fresh Pet Food Co. that's available everywhere. The main company does the fillets and steaks etc for humans so its always good quality. I tried their pet treats too (All Natural Pet Treats) online and they were really good and cheaper than the others.

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