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Thread: Large breed, how many feeds per day? Raw vs Dry.

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    Default Large breed, how many feeds per day? Raw vs Dry.

    I'm a bit rusty as it's been a long time since i've had a puppy. How many feeds a day should my 9 week old Rottweiler (8kg) be having? At the moment i'm giving him 3 feeds a day (morning, midday & afternoon) each feed is 1 cup of dry Supercoat brand puppy food. This is what he was eating before he was with me. Is this too much? too little? Last night he left some in his bowl so i just chucked it out.
    I'm ready to gradually switch him over to 'proper' food, Purina Supercoat isn't a brand i'm familiar with & i'd rather use premium dry food.
    Would he be better off if i switched some or all of the meals over to chicken mince or something similar?
    Hopefully someone can guide me in the right direction

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    3 feeds at his age is good but 2 meals is fine, in the end 3 meals isn't always doable if no one is home to feed lunch, so it won't hurt him. Cut back in the next few weeks.
    I always stick to 2 meals a day with my dogs rather than 1 large meal.
    Tends to keep them more satisfied and it is safer when you have large breeds/deep chested breeds due to bloat.

    I will always choose raw over dry food. If you want to feed raw though make sure there is a variety of things like chicken, turkey, lamb, fish, bones, offal, veggies etc.
    If you want to switch to a better dry food (or have a combined dry food/raw food diet) then look into holistic brands such as Black Hawk, Artemis, Canidae, Eagle pack etc. They are much better for your dog because they have little to no grains, corns, preservatives, colours etc. Grains and corns are no good for your dog and some dogs have reactions to them ranging from severe (digestion issues, diseases) to only mild (pains in the stomach/gas). Most holistic dry foods are reasonably priced.

    A lot of dogs also don't digest beef well so I steer clear of beef.

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    Excellent, thanks for the reply!! I know for sure my local pet stock has Eagle pack but i might go there and take a look. He gets hiccups for about 30 minutes after every time he eats, hopefully it's not hurting him though it probably is which is why i need to change.

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    I cut the middle meal out at about 12 weeks and Mojo seemed to do well. I was also told to avoid kangaroo meat at this young age aswell and go easy on the marrow bones too.
    My bloke loves pigs ears and also cow hooves. The cow hoove i gave him recently wsas very cheap and with 2 weeks of solid chewing he has hardly put a dint in it. Love your pup by the way, he's a real cutey. But we need way more pictures of him please !!

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    The pictures are coming He's only be here a couple of days so far but i have HEAPS of pictures lol! They don't stay little for long.

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    I aways feed mine two meals a day. It is often hard with a pup to feed three meals a day. I often leave a large meaty bone for the pup to chew on during the day. Keeps them occupied too.

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    when my dog was a puppy - I fed twice a day and I would soak the kibble in water until it was soft before I gave it to her. When she was about six months old, I added some home made casserole for dogs and reduced the kibble. And I'm about to try switching from Nutro natural choice to Black Hawk Holistic - because black hawk is better quality and cheaper! It's not that easy to get in Adelaide but if you look up their website and ring them - they will tell you where you can get it. I know three independent pet supplies stores that I'm planning on leaning on to get it in.

    Have you asked your puppy's breeder what they recommend as far as feeding (and exercise) goes?

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