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Thread: Moses has to loose weight

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    Definitely roo meat is the go. Fresh Pet Food co. (purple pack) is in all the supermarkets and is great for regulating weight of dogs. I did some research and 'Dr Bruce' a vet who is into Dog nutrition etc reckons roo is the best. If you want preservative free pet food Macro Meats does a human grade roo mince that is all preservative free. Good Luck!!

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    Also up the exercise or walks

    Any posts made under the name of Di_dee1 one can be used by anyone as I do not give a rats.

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    This is a few months old thread. Sue Says Hi (opening poster aka OP) has not been here since January. Hopefully she's out walking her dog more. And feeding him less.

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    Hi everyone, just been really busy. Mo is walked twice daily for 30mins. I walk as fast as I can with my ankle but it is not brisk. His weight has come down a little but I still need to try harder. I just can not fit in a third walk. I am thinking of a second dog but will that make him more active? He does love other doggies so perhaps he would play a bit in the back yard. Mo is allergic to beef but I will give a small amount of roo meat and see how he goes. He is off the denta bone and optimum biscuits. he will eat chicken wings and carcass but tends to only carry other bigger bones around and will not chew them.

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    you said that he wont follow you around the garden, could you possibly attach him to you so he has to come with you?

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    Sheena, that is such a good idea. Why didn't I think of that. I could have attached to a belt on a stretchy lead or something. He's not the type to struggle, he's so easy going, he would just think that it was a game. I could also try attaching him when I am running around the house doing housework. Thanks for a great idea.

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    Why not check your neighbours or fellow walkers you meet, and if your dogs get along, perhaps they could bring them over, once a week for a play day, when you are at work, after a few supervised visits. Perhaps you could line up 2 or 3 visitors a week and then you could also mind each other's dogs on hols and in emergencies. That way he almost has a sibling and lots of excited, "I haven't seen you for AGES!" play.

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    Thanks Menageriemanor, that is a great idea. I hate to say it but nobody seems to walk thier dogs in my street. Maybe thats why they all bark so much But I do see people down the park. I am just going to have to be more friendly. Mo has lost a little weight which is a big relief to me. He has lost over one inch around his waist and people are commenting on him looking thinner. He still needs to loose more so I will keep working on it

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    Keep up the good work !

    Does he play fetch at all ? Or maybe you could teach him to find things in the yard for you ! My pup loves that one - though he cheats - but it is still a good game ! Or teach him to pick up stuff for you and put it into a container !

    Adding vegetables to his meals is another good way of getting weight off pups. It bulks up the quantity without adding heaps of calories, so the pup does not feel deprived.

    My pup now eats and enjoys heaps of different vegetables - carrots, beans, broccoli, cauliflower, pumpkin, sweet potato - and - yes - even peas ! He also gets 3 or 4 servings of fish a week - like canned - mackerel, tuna, sardines, salmon or any other fresh fish that is on special. So there are heaps of choices out there to help you.

    Good Luck !

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