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Thread: Weight Gain for an Old Dog

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    Thank you all for the great advice - I am so sorry I hadnt checked in sooner to see the replies. When we adopted Mickey we were told he was a long haired miniture Chihuahua- however on first sight our groomer says he is a Pomeranian X. Mickey is doing great - even in this cold weather - we are giving him rice and pasta - and cooked vegies as well as plain cooked mince, sausages and other meat. He doesnt like sardines-but loves canned tuna -while he wont eat raw eggs, he loves them poached. I like the idea of wetting his dry food -we do worry about him breaking teeth - and the canola/vegetable oil we will try. We changed his dry food to to Purina Supercoat -after trying a couple of more expensive brands he wouldnt eat - and 2 weeks later - he escaped out our front door and ran down the road with us in hot pursuit. While we know there are much better dry foods - he doesnt get alot of it so we hope it isnt too bad. He has put on a little weight and is looking amazing. Thanks again for everyones ideas.

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    Great to hear MaxMickey. I've actually had some good results with Supercoat. The only problem I had with it is that more seemed to come out the other end than went in! I've heard it referred to as Supercrap so I think it's a common issue!

    But with your little guy that wouldn't be an issue anyway - the best food is always what works for you and him. Well done!!

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