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    Milo's poo is quite dry and turns white quickly after defecating. From what I read, feces should turn white after a few days, where as Milo's feces turns white in less than a day.

    My cousins boyfriend witnessed Milo defecating, and said that I should feed him dog food 2-3 times a week with the raw food. He feeds his GSD raw food and Pal.

    I went to the pet store today to look at ingredients of dog foods. Earthborn Holistic looked like it was alright, but it's made in USA. I'd rather an Aussie made food.

    This is the ingredients list. May someone please help me tell whether this is good to be combined with Milo's current raw diet?

    This is currently what he eats.
    Monday Yoghurt, veges, egg shells, fish, beef
    Tuesday Chicken
    Wednesday Yoghurt, veges, egg shells, chicken
    Thursday Liver, chicken carcass, beef
    Friday Chicken carcass, beef
    Saturday Yoghurt, veges, egg shells, chicken
    Sunday Liver, chicken

    Yoghurt (organic) 3Tbs
    Veges (blended carrot, brocolli, other vege scraps) 1 Tbs
    Egg shells (powdered) 1Tbs
    Chicken carcass is fed in quarters
    Chicken is fed in quarters
    Liver fed 50g per serve
    Fish bone is taken out first
    Beef is mainly mince

    May I please get some suggestions?
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