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    Does anybody know where I can get hold of some Royal Canin Sensitivity Control dry dog food in the Sunshine Coast area? My vet says that their supplier can't get any in because, surprise surprise, the French are on strike. Thanks for any help - he's not good on any other food.

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    Why would you bother when you can get ziwipeak (as a supplement) and Innova Evo which, unlike most of the others, has not been recalled for dodgy supplements sourced from China?

    Your dog, your call but there is no way my pup is getting that!

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    Royal Canin has been very hard to get because the people at the french docks had been striking so nothing was able to go out in a hurry. I believe the strikes have ended up but the Royal Canin supply has still been on and off.

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    Ring Royal Canin and ask them to direct you to someone that has it in stock.
    If not they should be able to advise you when it will be in.
    I was looking for some for a friend late last year and the RC Rep was brilliant.
    Also maybe ask at your pet food supplier, they may have a rep who can help you out.
    Is it the hypo allergenic or the other special protein one?
    Love your dog the BEST you can TODAY because they could be GONE TOMORROW

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    I'd try online, often very cheap, and most can deliver just about anywhere for not a lot of money. I get a lot of my stuff online
    Can I also recommend California Natural (you can get in Pet's Paradise stores) as well? It's a little pricey but I have a dog with many severe allergies and it has been a miracle in a pretty paper bag for me, aan absolute god send. I believe they do free samples as well, or they were at some point...

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