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    Our dogs are farm dogs.

    I currently have a meal plan for them, but its gone off to the wayside since my supplier for biscuits shut down.

    There now on a mixture (not THAT mixed, I mean choice of one or the other) dry dog food that we get locally in our small town, RAW, and other bits an pieces.

    Since the supplier has shut down, I have just found it too much to continue with biscuits, to be honest, the dogs have no interest in them.

    We are currently re-inventing our family meal plans, so I thought this would be a good time to do so for the dogs.

    I originally researched and came up with the Menu Plan for me other dog, and just included my current dog when she came on the scene. But obviously, its time for an update. I spent hours whiling away on various sites to come up with the menu, made up the plan, then promptly forgot anything about anything (as is the great thing with a menu plan, you don't have to think, just give, watch, and adjust in small increments if neccessary).

    As such, its like going back to the drawing board, I've forgotten everything. I don't even know which model I was using as my base for RAW lol. Completely zapped out and replaced with homeschooling curriculum dilemmas, and how to keep the turbo chook in the tree lol.

    I need some good easy to the point links (preferably no history, or waffling, as my brain can only take so much lately, bullet point ones will be cheered rofl) for feeding ENTIRELY raw. Pulling out all the biscuits and other stuff (although I may keep the Dentastix, as my dogs count these as the most fantabulous treats ever! lol)

    Can anybody help? I have mutts/crossbreeds, med to large size. You could toss an entire chicken at them and they would happily munch/rip it to shreds, they much prefer whole to mash, ikywim? One is 18.5kg and 5 months old, other is (bollox, can't remember exactly right now lol) 22? kgs and 18months.

    Thank you for any help for this blessedly tired brain.

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    Sorry I can't help. I pretty much feed a mixture of different meats, meat minced, offal, fish, raw egg, veggies depending on what is available/cheap that week. I don't use dry at all either.

    Can you not just increase the amounts of raw food/supplements to compensate for the dry food you will not be feeding?

    Best of luck. Would be interested in seeing your finished product.

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    Trouble is, I was originally using Artemis Maximus as my supplement for them. So I haven't been too worried about fats/proteins etc, just my mangled head plan of who had what when, they also detest liver, but Lila finds chicken hearts an absolute delicacy, if I could find them more often, she'd probably just eat those all the time rofl (What DOES coles etc do with their hearts? Never seem to see them at most Butchers or Supermarkets)

    So they mostly just got whatever I fancied giving them, with Chicken as the mainstay, but with a variety of other offal, veggies, eggs and fish. And of course Meat Bones, elsewise they go into the back paddock of the dairy farm and find long old forgotten cow bones lol, which is their way of telling me they have gone too long without bones.

    It was more originally the percentages of everything that had me, and what exactly the offal had to be made up of (is just hearts (cow, chicken) fine or must it be a variety of other innards?

    And obviously, since no dry food, what exactly we need as "supplementals". I tried researching yesterday, but all I found we're site you had to trawl through the whole persons thoughts on feeding raw before there would be some sort of haphazard guide.

    I used the Artemis to avoid full scientific calculations and measurements I guess, so its like stepping off the side of the life boat, and has brought on one of my migraines. I'd pay double for some books etc on any subject to cut the twaddle, even if it means the final product is 3 pages long, and have it in bullet point. Most reference books could probably do that lol.

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    Argh, there was this great post in another forum where a member broke down exactly what he feeds his dogs. He feeds completely raw/fresh ingredients and it would be perfect to help you make up a new Meal Plan for your dogs. I cant find it but I will keep looking for it and cope and post when I find it.

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    Ok found it. I am copying and posting the entire post so you get the whole idea.

    I've been feeding raw for about 12 years on and off. I thought I'd start a thread about how those of us who choose to feed raw go about making meals, how long it takes, how much it costs and the benefits and drawbacks of feeding our dogs this way.

    While we have fed kibble at times, I have always seen a marked decrease in our dogs' well being both behaviorally and physiologically. I've gone from raw to kibble and back enough times to see a very distinct and disturbing pattern. The differences are most obvious in high drive working Malinois that tend to have much more active aggression. For us, the differences we see in feeding raw v. kibble are like night and day. Not only are the dogs less prone to outbursts of aggression, they are more energetic, more focused and less hectic. The more docile pits are more energetic and the older dogs are leaner with more muscle and much less joint discomfort where we know that serious joint issues already exist. All the dogs seem more "content" and really enjoy their meals.

    Here are some pix of what our dogs eat once a day early in the morning during the Spring, Summer and Fall. In winter we go to one main meal at dawn and a smaller meal during the day, usually before bedtime.

    The meat is just cut up chicken with bones. We will use chicken, pork, beef, venison, fish, rabbit etc. The veggies are blended and the root veggies and leafy greens are gently steamed before blending. The veggies I make twice a week as part of steaming veggies for making my wifey's "lunchbox" that she takes to classes and they take me about 20 minutes total.

    The dogs each get a chicken piece that is appropriate to their weight. The Malinois will get whole quarters and the Pits generally get a thigh or drumstick. Everything else is the same for every dog. I lay out the bowls and scoop and poor for less than 5 minutes total. The only prep is veggies. Voila.

    Raw Chicken part with bone-in
    soft boiled egg with shell
    (alternate kidneys, sweetbreads etc)
    tripe (preferably green, but any tripe (Rhumba brand) is better than nothing)
    veggie mash (kale, collards, peppers, carrots, celery, lil garlic, tomato, beet, fruits, squash etc.)
    local organic yogurt
    goat milk or kefir
    oils: I measure with a 1 oz shot glass and I usually give them 1-2 oz total of a various blend of the oils below.
    salmon oil
    extra virgin olive oil
    wheat germ oil
    Flax oil
    Hemp oil
    bee pollen
    glucosamine, chondroitin, msm supplement

    That is pretty much what makes up a daily meal around here. The dogs go nuts over it. I will give each dog a chunk of meaty knuckle bone to work on once a week or once every two weeks.
    Hopefully this helps. There is a lot of extras in here that would help create a balanced diet.

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    I like the above post...i also toss in whole fish. My dogs love small fish and they will fish themselves in shallow water and catch and eat.

    If you dogs are prone to joint issues, do not feed too much tomatoes/capsicum. Just like humans, not good to have with arthritis. I feed any veggies. I either give them a quick blender whizz or in and out of boiling water to break down the tough fires. Dogs just need a little help for the breakdown of these. Hence the dogs go for the gut of the herbivoure. I also feed lupins (peas/beans and such) I either quick blend them or soak them overnight.
    Now I do cook for my dogs, because they like the food I cook. My dogs are fed twice a day, morning meal is completely RAW, the meat, fish, veg and RAW meaty bones.
    But their night meal is often the cooked one. Rice 1 and 1/2 cup/soup-mix 1/2 cup and oats 1/2 cup with the smallest bit of minced meat for taste, I cook it to in the microwave every morning for the night meal. I feed 4 large dogs (76kg, 72kg, 50kg and 30 kg) so it is cooked daily.
    My dogs look great and "touch wood" are healthy. I try to avoid all preservatives.
    I also feed kelp, Vit C, Fish oil (canned sardines every other day) and glucosamine/chondroitin .
    I find this is a cheap way to feed large dogs. I have raised several pups (newfie) this way and they have had no ortho problems.
    My dogs love lambs liver, but two will not eat Beef liver raw. One of my dogs won't eat lamb hearts. So they do have taste.
    Be careful with chicken, because some are still fed antibiotics and such as preventative.
    So you have to do some research, I found one of my dogs was allergic to chicken I got form one place and when I changed to organic she was fine. She has the same issue with Pork that comes form one particular place. And they will tell you that they do not feed "rubbish" to their stock. I would only have to feed Annabelle and I would know
    We show and sometimes we do have to feed some dry when we travel, due to limited freezer space. i use Eagle pack Holistic non wheat, the only dry food Annabelle can eat.
    Pets are forever

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    Thanks, bit busy with pup back from vets, so will bookmark and read it tonight. Thank you so much for searching for it for me

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