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Thread: Fussy Puppy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crested_Love View Post
    I agree that BARF can be better for some dogs, but just putting it out there that mine have done well on the rolls for years Sorry, not having a go, it's just a pet peeve of mine.
    4legs is preservative-free, as is VIP.
    Pet food laced with dangerously high levels of sulphur dioxode, tests reveal |

    Quote from that article

    VIP Pet Foods Supreme Steak Mince for Dogs had the highest sulphur dioxide level at 1140mg/kg. Published research says a level of 1000mg/kg depletes thiamine levels in pets by 95 per cent.

    Paws Fresh Roo Mince for dogs and cats - part of the VIP group - had a level of 870mg/kg, despite the brand's website claiming it "keeps sulphur dioxide at a minimum, at just 2mg/kg"
    VIP is one of the worst. I was using the Paws Fresh Roo mince along with my home made foods because it was listed with only 1 preservative up until I read this article.

    I have never seen or head of 4legs so I cant comment on it.

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    Those figures are for the mince, not the roll, the only mince I feed is human grade.

    4legs pet food:
    4Legs - Home

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    Do you not think that they use the same preservatives in both....Meat doesn't stay that fresh for that long without a lot of preservatives.

    Thanks for the link.

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    You have got me researching now

    Petcare News - V.I.P. Petfoods

    Are VIP Petfoods products safe for your dog or cat?

    Many foods that are consumed by humans on a daily basis including wine, sausages, fruit juices, dried fruits and gelatine use sulphur dioxide to act as a deterrent to bacteria and mould spore growth and to preserve the goodness of the products.

    Like most commercially manufactured Petfoods including dried and canned products manufactured by other reputable suppliers, VIP Petfoods products have additional Thiamine (Vitamin B1) added during the manufacturing process. Thiamine is added in carefully measured quantities to ensure that the residual levels in the food are at or above the internationally recognised standards for petfood. VIP Petfoods products are formulated to a level set by Association of American Feed Control Officials which is recognised by animal nutritionists and veterinarians as the worldwide industry authority.

    The inclusion of additional Thiamine ensures that the nutritional value of the petfood and the final Thiamine (Vitamin B1) levels consumed by your pet are not compromised by the use of Sulphur Dioxide.

    In summary, all VIP Petfoods products are formulated to be completely safe for your dog or cat and can be fed with absolute confidence.
    So yep, they contain sulphur dioxide, but they add extra Thiamine to offset it. The issue with many of the pet foods involved in studies was that they were not adding the extra thiamine which led to deficiencies.

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    The pet food standards are dismal though. Hence the reason the article in the Sunday Mail recommeneded using only human grade products until proper standards were introduced in Australia. I still dont trust them.

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    If I were going to use rolls from the supermarket, I would be throughly familiarising myself with the ingredients list. Look for meat as the first ingredient. Meat by-product is almost like saying 'watered down meat' so is not nearly as good.

    You are also looking for bone content (crushed bone for calcium), offal or organ meats, and added things like seaweed, kelp, egg, garlic etc in the better ones.

    Don't be fooled by 'veggies'- unless they are 'pulped' ie crushed and water added; you dog will not digest them well and therefore lack nutrient value.

    Avoid large quantities of carbohydrate- rice, wheat, grain. Small amounts- good for roughage. Large amounts bad.

    As with all ingredients lists; the first items are the ones in biggest quantity- so look for rolls with high meat content, not fillers.

    Big Dog Barf sell BARF in rolls... On the off chance you are interested....

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    Think I might do some research on the meat rolls. I would like to keep him on a meat roll, but one that is nutritional and not harmful.
    I remember my mother fed her dog Tucker Time years ago - is that still around?
    Might check with the vet or pet store.
    The vet also gave us a sample pack of Royal Canin biscuits which he enjoys better than the ones I originally fed him. Anyone heard of that brand? The vet said it's a good one.

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    A friend just suggested Supervite as a good dry food. Comments?

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    what is the ingredient list for supervite?

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    It seems very good.
    Puppy Plus
    though I'm sure all brands claim they are.
    What do you think.

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