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Thread: Holistic Select OR Artemis?

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    Default Holistic Select OR Artemis?

    I am wanting some feedback on both of these foods please.
    I realise the best food for your dog is the one it does best on, but I would love to hear experiences with either of these foods.

    I am feeding a food I consider overpriced for what it is and the dogs coats arent up to scratch so would like to change their diet.

    Which of these foods would you feed?

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    Holistic has been taken over by Canidae as best I can tell.

    Artemis rates well here - but it's american food and the website is american - it doesn't include Australian made dog food - including dog food made here with the same name as the stuff sold in the USA - doesn't have the same ingredients.
    Dog Food Analysis information section

    It does have a lot of information about the ingredients that helps you make your own assessment of quality.

    I feed nutro natural choice which doesn't rate well at all but my dog does ok on it.

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    I use either Eagle Pack Holistic Select, or Canidae Grain Free. My dogs are fine on either, though I should mention they get very, very little- 2 cups a week maximum between both (I feed RAW)....

    I'm planning to give Black Hawk Holistic a go- Aussie made, Aussie ingredients. Has had good reviews so far.....

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    I feed Eagle pack Holistic when I am traveling, I also feed RAW. I would love to try Black Hawk, but have tried twice to have it travel to me, but it has just been to difficult.
    Pets are forever

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