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Thread: German Shepherd and Golden Retriever

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    Default German Shepherd and Golden Retriever

    Firstly, hello all. Ive just joined here and looks like there is endless info on pretty much everything!

    Ive read a few threads now on different dog foods.
    My partner and i have a Golden Retriever (10 months purebred) and a German Shepherd (9 months purebred pedigree. His mum was pure black and dad was a black/tan. It looks like he has taken mostly after mum, he is black on top and tan on the tummy and the bottom of his legs).

    We feed them Supercoat Puppy and Platinum Meat Roll (from Woolworths) along with chicken necks. They are fed twice a day, in the morning a small bowl of Supercoat and in the evening a bowl of Supercoat with about 200 grams of Platinum Meat and 2 chicken necks each.

    They are both very active, have nice coats and seem to do well on it but i havent read a lot about these brands. My problem is that a lot of the food talked about is high end expensive food which i cant afford. The Supercoat is about $40-$50 for an 18 kilo bag which lasts a while.

    I bought a bag of Pedigree biscuits (it was on special!) which ill never do again because apart from reading that it is not good for them their farts were eye watering.

    On reading a few of the posts ill be adding some vegetable oil and sardines to their diet. Do you have any suggestions for a decent quality meat that wont cost me a fortune? Does this seem an OK diet for these breeds of dogs?
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    Oh, ive also read that people are giving their dogs eggs... Im assuming they are just boiled?

    Also, if suggesting a particular brand of food can you please add an estimated price and sizing? Cheers.

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    I buy my chicken pet mince for 50c a kg then buy my normal beef mince from the butcher to mix it up. I also feed supercoat dry

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    Raw eggs would be fine.

    If you shop around in the supermarkets - you can find beef mince for less than $8/kg, and the butchers at our markets sell roo mince (human grade) for about $5/kg. I avoid the pet mince - because there are no safety rules about handling - ie its the stuff the butcher dropped on the floor and stepped in - last week - you just don't know.

    I feed half a tin of sardines in olive oil about once a week. Well I feed the whole tin split over a couple of days.

    I make my own casserole for dog food out of mince and vege. And I supplement that with a high quality dry food. If I couldn't afford that I guess I'd be looking at something like supercoat, or one of the stock food likes like Bonnie or Coprice. My horse used to love coprice (for horses).

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    I feed raw. I don't give dry food or processed foods at all too many additives, grains etc and like Hya said you don't know what has happened to it before it is packaged.

    The Sunday Mail here in Brisbane had a fantastic story on Pet food this Sunday just gone.
    Pet food laced with dangerously high levels of sulphur dioxode, tests reveal | Courier Mail
    Please read it. For your dogs sake.

    Copied from another post I just made.
    My dogs get a mix of chicken mince, sardines, tuna, turkey wings, beef/roo mince (only Phi as Keira is beef intolerant), chicken carcasses, chicken necks, 1 - 2 raw eggs p/w and cooked veggies (sweet potato, pumpkin, carrot, zuchinni, celery) with a little bit of rice. Bones are great but I don't really give them as Phoenix scoffs food and I don't trust her not to try to swallow a whole bone so she doesn't get them. Just the carcasses etc.

    This feeds two dogs and probably costs me a total of $50 per week, I consider that a reasonably price for two 30 kilo dogs.

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    Thank you,
    that was pretty much the answers I needed. Sounds a little stupid probably but how do you give them the mince? Is that cooked much or served straight up.

    Ive seen the chicken carcasses and dont really know if they were ok for the dogs? They have run out of chicken necks so was going to buy some until they stock up again. Youve answered my question without even asking it! haha.

    Cheers again.

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    I feed mince raw, dogs can process raw foods, it is their main food source, cooking the meat takes a lot of the nutrients etc out of it.

    Carcasses are fine. I tend to cut mine up (with scissors, cutting them with knives is hard) just to make them a little bit more workable for the dogs to eat.

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    Thanks mate. Will be trying that as of today. Funny, I put a few sardines in their bowls, they got eaten but Rex (Golden Retriver) loved it and TJ (German Shepherd) took forever nosing around it but eventually ate it.

    Rex was licking the bowl for about 5 minutes after aswell.
    The eggs also went down well a few days later.

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