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Thread: Your Thoughts on My Dog Food Recipe Pls?

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    Default Your Thoughts on My Dog Food Recipe Pls?

    Recently (because of arthritis) I started making my own dog food.

    1 kilo frozen raw vege (little to no potato)
    Cook 'till soft

    1 kilo of carrot
    1 bunch celery
    Put through juicer and add juice and pulp to above

    1 kilo beef liver
    2 eggs
    Kill in processor until liquid
    Add to hot vegies and mix, the liver turns to gravy.
    When cool, add
    1 kilo roo mince.

    I also add fish oil caps and shark cartiledge tablets to each meal. Breakie is a handful of dry food and treats are carrots and chicken wings.
    Any suggestions as to what I am missing/doing wrong. Suggestions?
    Thanks in advance.

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    To me the ratio's are wrong....Too much liver in ratio to the roo mince and i would also in the ratio probably 1/4 the veg.
    Feeding tables

    Feeding tables make feeding much easier. You don’t have to try and remember what you have given and you can better visualize what to give next.

    The daily food intake of a dog is 2-3% of the dogs body weight. Some dogs eat less, others more. This is just a guideline

    As a rule of thumb I use: vegetables ¼, soft food ¼ (meats), hard food ½(meaty bones, if you cannot feed bones add extra meat, but i think bones are good for dogs)

    Liver: Only a little piece! Stomach: give unwashed, remember not to give too much, very energy rich!

    PS my veg has lupins(pea family) and also rolled oats/barley, raw in it

    Here is a link to a good book

    Remember to vary the meats. You can use anything you can find; chicken, pork, beef, lamb, rabbit, venison and raw fish, though canned sardines are totally acceptable. But my dogs LOVE fresh sardines :-)

    Always after a hard meal, give something soft before giving another hard one. FEED AND REACT
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